Class of 2018!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Just look at that group of amazing high school graduates! 
This is the largest graduating class we have ever had at Flint, and so many of these babies kids GROWN ADULT HUMANS have been with us since they were in the grammar school. Or at least for all of their high school years. It is difficult to imagine the school without them, honestly. But we're all proud and excited for them to go off and do new things!

Aaron and I chaperoned their senior trip, so we didn't have to say goodbye quite as soon as everyone else. We all had a week at a beach house together, which gave me the opportunity to contemplate reasons why Flint grads are the best.

  • Even if they've been driving for ten hours and the ferry is closed when we get there and we have to add another hour of drive time and all of the fast food places we pass are closed and it starts raining a monsoon? They don't let it get them down. They sing their little heads off!
  • If you go to an aquarium they will not just skip right to the sting ray petting tank. They will voluntarily sit down for the informational movie about estuaries and then read all of the exhibit signs.
  • They will mattress surf down the stairs AND
  • They will stop mattress surfing down the stairs as soon as you ask them to please not break the beach house or their necks.
  • They will eat anything you cook for them. With much gusto and appreciation.
  • They are always up for a dance-off.
  • They all care about each other, even though that group has a HUGE range of different personalities.
  • They still can't operate a microwave. Okay, I guess this isn't a reason why they're the best, actually, but after DOZENS of microwave mishaps and conversations about things that cannot be microwaved over the years, it was just kind of endearing. Sorry, world. They really ought to know and we have taught them, I promise. They just can't seem to get the hang of it. But they're cute!

Texas Field Day

Monday, May 14, 2018

We are coming into the home stretch with only TWO weeks left of this school year!  We’re still going strong, though, and making the most of our time! Our most recent event was our Texas Field Day, which is a combination of our annual Texas history unit and fun field day events! So relay races, volleyball, and bean bag tosses...and also line dancing, bluebonnet art, and hula hoop lassoing! Plus the entire grammar school can now tell you what the state ANYTHING is, including some categories that I didn’t know even existed!

Peter Pan!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Grammar School performed their annual musical on Thursday -we did Peter Pan this year- and it was amazing! EVERY student from the nursery class through the seventh grade was on stage, proving yet again that our inclusion model really, really does work and benefit everyone! 

We are so grateful for Sydney Wemmert- the rockstar who put it all together! And for all of the other amazing, selfless, creative helpers who pitched in and made this happen!

Our spectacular Katie started the show with a breathtaking solo performance of Ruth B.’s Lost Boy to set the tone.

Then we met the three lovely stars who narrated the story...

The Darling children find Peter’s Shadow...

Mr. Darling banishes Nana and tells the children that Wendy will be growing up...

Peter reunited with his Shadow

And off to Neverland!

Where there are Indians!

And pirates!

A crocodile!

Lost Boys! (And a small attempted homicide by Tinker Bell!)

And mermaids!

Peter Pan saves Princess Tiger Lily from Captain Hook...

And is made an honorary chief!

Wendy tells the Lost Boys a bedtime story, but Peter doesn’t like it...

So he makes them all promise to never grow up.

When they leave with Wendy anyway he’s left with Tinker Bell and some medicine... 

Don’t drink that!

Tinker Bell saves his life by drinking the poisoned medicine herself...

We all clap to revive her...


Meanwhile, Captain Hook has captured Wendy and all the boys...

But Peter Pan and the crocodile defeat him!

The Darling children return home...

And Peter and Wendy say goodbye.


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