In Which We Play Dress-Up

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Brace yourselves for excessive cuteness:

You didn't brace fast enough, did you? I should have put more space before the picture, I guess. 

Kim was packing last week and found my wedding dress, which I think we had both forgotten was stored in a closet in their house because I had nowhere to put it right after my wedding. Our poor, sad little first apartment featured all of ONE little closet, and that dress is exceedingly poofy. So anyway, she called to tell me that she found it and would send it back my way with Aaron and the boys, who were helping her load up a big storage pod. And I immediately KNEW that this was the perfect opportunity to take pictures of the girls playing dress-up in my wedding dress. And it was perfect. Except for how the poor dress was a little worse for the wear because some boy whose identity was never revealed to me put a tricycle and a footstool on top of my wedding dress when loading things into the van... So here they are!

"I GET TO WEAR THIS? THANK YOU!! But, uh, Mama? Why do I need a wedding dress? I don't want to get married, remember? I want to live with you forever. I think I need lip gloss."

"MY TURN, I GET A TURN NOW AVALON! Oh. I don't love this necklace."

And Phoebe
"I'm going to make you work so hard for a picture with this veil on my head, but we're both going to crack up the whole time, so you won't really mind!"


  1. Oh em gee. Dying of cuteness overload over here.

  2. Aww, they're so cute! But, what? No wedding picture to see you in the dress?

  3. That is the cutest thing ever!! You know these pictures are going to be great at their weddings!


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