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Thursday, March 13, 2014


We have recently embarked on a hazardous and costly journey, you guys. Legos. This is way more terrifying than the girls' Squinky habit, and let me tell you, I've fished plenty of Squinkies out of Phoebe's mouth since she learned to crawl. Avalon was given a really cute Lego kit for her birthday, with a little garden and stuff, and the males in this house were all over helping her assemble it. Then Lainey felt left out, so as a reward for not having an accident for an entire week, she got to pick a kit of her own. (a Batman kit, with a helicopter and a bad guy, which is a very, very Lainey sort of choice) And so it began. Aaron keeps coming home with more, and he's having as much fun as the girls are (maybe more, I can't tell) putting them together. The girls start playing Legos before they even finish eating breakfast, and pretty much keep going all day, incorporating a dollhouse and a lot of small Lalaloopsy and princess dolls. I would be unreservedly thrilled about this, if it weren't for the small person crawling around in search of something, anything to chew on. As it is, I just make a lot of rules about Thy Legos Shalt Go Only Upon the Table and No Other Places Shall They Go!


Oh, that baby in the picture up there? Sitting kind of under a chair, gnawing on an apple? She was totally content sitting there for nearly twenty minutes. I'm just happy she got a hold of an apple and not any Legos. Because, standards.


Our whole family has been obsessively playing Catan since November. I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that we have played it at least once week since then. We bought two sets so we would have enough pieces, and Aaron keeps making new gigantic boards of his own design. And do you know how many times I have won in the past five months of incessant Catan-playing? No times. None at all. This might have something to do with the fact that the time between turns is really long and I have a hard time not multi-tasking, so I tend to jump up and do the dishes or fold a load of laundry when it isn't my turn. Maybe I'm not focusing very well. Until last night, when I won TWO TIMES IN A ROW, BABY! I was afraid the first time was a fluke, because everybody usually gives me whatever trades I want since I'm clearly not a threat. But the SECOND time they were all wary of me, and I won anyway. Feast your eyes!

(I am fully aware of the fact that this does not seem like a big deal to anyone besides me, but I'm still celebrating)


Some guys from Lowe's were supposed to come to our house between twelve and one yesterday, to make sure they could replace two of our toilets with standard new toilets. Which is more exciting to me than you would think, because those toilets REALLY need replacing. However, they showed up at nine, not between-twelve-and-one, which was unfortunate, because we were all still in bed. But then the rest of our day was free, so we took the kids to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. So, thanks, Lowe's guys!


(Ask for silly faces and ye shall receive silly faces!)


Aaron has decided that since we are on spring break, we should be like, resting and having fun and stuff. Hence the spur-of-the-moment trip to the movie theater. And also, which I approve of even more heartily, less cooking. I didn't even realize how much I needed a break from cooking all the time until he started saying those magic words: "How about Chipotle tonight, baby?" And, AND, he totally did the dishes yesterday, right as I was thinking about how I needed to get started on them.


I've just starting reading Bram Stoker's Dracula for the first time. I wasn't interested in it until I realized it was published in 1897, and I really like things that were written during that time period. Probably it's still too scary for me, because most scary books are. I tend to forget that fiction books are, in fact, fiction. Which is why it would hypothetically be a very bad decision to read a murder-mystery about a guy who goes crazy and kills his mother (for telling him that he has to get a job) and his high school teacher (who gave him a bad grade five years before) and stay up kind of late to finish reading it, because then I would hypothetically be busy for the rest of the night wondering how many of my students might harbor homicidal grudges against me. Not that I think any of them would ever go on a killing spree, but that's exactly what everyone said about the guy in the book, too. I'm pretty sure that's a chilling thought for even the nicest of teachers. This is why I had to stop reading Foxe's Book of Martyrs...I got to the part where a teacher was found guilty of being a Christian and his sentence was to be turned over to his students, who stabbed him to death with their pencils, and I was OUT. I can take comfort in the thought that I bake cookies for my students every single Monday, and people hardly ever stab those who bring them baked goods on a regular basis. Those cookies are baked out of love, not fear, but also they can't hurt. Pencils, now, pencils can hurt, I bet.


  1. Oh I wish I still got a spring break - glad you're enjoying yours!

    OMG Dracula. I hate that book with the fire of a thousand suns. I had to read it in a class my sophomore year of college and my professor was obsessed with it and took it to another level. We had to turn in weekly journals and no matter how much time I devoted I ended up reading it really slowly. So the night before the final journal was due I stayed up 'till 2 AM, wrote my journal, got up and went to my 8 AM class and that afternoon when I handed my professor the paper he was like "oh I'm going to give you guys until the next class."

    Yeah. I'm still bitter.

    1. I know exactly what you mean - the whole Matrix trilogy will forever be ruined for me because my World Religions professor was completely obsessed with it. It felt like EVERYTHING was related back to the Matrix, until I was just sick to death of it!

  2. All Legos on the table is such a good rule! I was overjoyed when I discovered that a whole apple keeps a baby occupied for quite a while! Our Spring Break is coming up, and I'm excited to be able to sleep in a little. :)

    1. Seriously, apples as baby toys! How am I three children in and just now discovering this?

  3. I'm still a little bitter that my parents never got Legos for my brother and I, but they did for my younger siblings. Then they thought we were too old to be playing with them, but we didn't care because Legos are fun! Until you step on them, which is another really good reason to keep Legos on the table. Way to go on winning at Catan! I've never played that game, but I HAVE lost a lot of games that I play, it's so fun to finally turn the tables around! Twice!

  4. I've never read Dracula, but we did listen to Frankenstein during a road trip last spring. The Gothic really isn't my cup o' tea, but I suppose it's something wrong with me, not wrong with it. ??? We got the audio from Librivox---love that free stuff!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post today!! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours.
    Beware of those legos once they do get to the floor. I promise they grow spikes during the night and move directly into the path you are most likely to walk in the dark. Nothing hurts more than stepping on a lego in the middle of the night.
    I'll have to check back with you about Dracula. I don't know if I'm that brave. :-)


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