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Friday, April 4, 2014

So, the flu (I think. I'm pretty sure.) happened this week! That was fun!
I couldn't believe that I was sick for so long...literally an entire week. I didn't actually know that I was allowed to be sick and out of commission for an entire week. I called in sick two days in a row, even. It was weird.

This guy took over for me, though, and took care of everybody. We're pretty lucky to have him, I think.

Last Thursday we had a baby shower at Flint, and it was SO much fun. I always think the school feels like a big family, but it's nice to get to see it. Plus the theme of the baby shower was the Green Lantern, which, um, awesome! I was already feeling kind of sick by then, but luckily my guys helped me make some of the decorations the night before, and then some of the upper school girls helped me set everything up. Because, family!

Continuing on in that all-working-together theme, I had everybody outside doing some Spring is Finally Here! yard work after dinner tonight.

And I do mean everybody. Just you TRY to keep her away from whatever the big kids are doing.

(Also, THIGHS! So much deliciousness. So. Much.)

Today we got to read the part in The Scarlet Pimpernel where Sir Percy gives Chauvelin pepper instead of snuff. That's the real reason I decided to get better and come back to work for the end of the week...we're getting to my favorite part of the book. I have held out against bribes, threats, and pleas from my students, who have needed to have their suspicions confirmed as to the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel. No way I'm missing out now!

I'm pretty sure that Aaron is going to have to take me to see Divergent this weekend. Reading it was pretty much the only thing I accomplished all week, but I accomplished it very, very well.

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  1. Hope you are completely over it by the end of the weekend a nd everyone else manages to avoid it. Sickness is no fun, even though reading is.

  2. The flu is the worst.. Hope you are feeling better & that no one else gets it.


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