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Friday, April 25, 2014

Another one of my babies got into college! We found out on Wednesday night (when Aaron was taking some of the boys to yet another several-hours-away college try-out) that Shawn was accepted into Oklahoma Wesleyan and made their basketball team. I'm so proud of this boy! He transferred to Flint for his senior year, so we haven't known him long, but we've all been amazed by his leadership and character...and by his light, if that makes any sense. Also by his crazy basketball skillz. 

Now ask me how I feel about all these try-out trips. A little selfish, and therefore kind of ashamed of myself, is probably the most accurate answer. During basketball season I just have it in my head that I'll be solo-parenting every afternoon and most nights of the week. That's just how being a coach's wife goes, and since I feel (adamantly!) that what Aaron is doing is a ministry in a very real sense, I want to support him in it, and I try not to whine too much. But basketball season is over, and ordinarily this would be my time to NOT solo-parent. My mind-set is in the off-season, and I've had to remind myself several times how happy I am that I'm married to a man who will drive his players to as many try-outs as it takes to secure their future success. Pouty Mode OFF.

This year's school play is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat...which is going to be awesome! I've had my traditional small panic attack that the costumes won't be done in time, which fueled a massive let's-DO-this afternoon yesterday when our schedule was disrupted by a field trip and we had an extra long drama period in the afternoon. So now I'm not panicking, I'm just obsessing. That's just where my head is going to be for the next two weeks. It doesn't help that everyone in my house has been completely marinated in the soundtrack for the show. Someone is unconsciously singing part of it at all times. Then others join in involuntarily. Then we all cry, because THIS IS NOT THE SORT OF THING WE BROTHERS LIKE TO HEAR.

The entire school went on a field trip to see a production of Peter Pan yesterday. I love field trips to see plays no matter what, but I was extra excited about this one because it was the whole school. I'm always busy teaching my own class when Avalon and Lainey's class goes on field trips, so I rarely get to go with them. Yesterday Aaron and I both were able to be with them during the field trip, and they were so happy! About that, and about making the high school students who were riding with us play a strange version of I Spy in the van. "I spy a...tree." "Okay...? Is it a tree?" "HOW DID YOU KNOW?"

I made the mistake of doing the girls' hair in milkmaid braids for school picture day a few weeks ago, and now they want me to do it ALL the time. Which is problematic, seeing as two sets of milkmaid braids is a bit time-intensive for school mornings. I love how it looks, though. I hate that I'm always sending them to school in last-minute ponytails. Really, the obvious solution is that I need a Time Turner.

No really.

Phoebe has taken a few steps every day this week. Last night she took FIVE in a row, but it was while I was unloading the dishwasher so naturally she had a BUTTER KNIFE in her hand at the same time. Gah. Can we just work on talking now? I've changed my mind about the whole walking thing.

We are taking the girls to take pictures in the bluebonnets today. No, really, I mean it. It's happening this year. I'm pretty sure that I will be kicked out of Texas if I go any more years without taking bluebonnet/baby pictures.

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  1. Yay for babies and bluebonnets! And also for you and your awesome hubby who are totally changing lives. You guys are so awesome. :)

  2. Your house is always so entertaining! I love that she took some of her first steps with a butter knife!

    Yay for blue bonnets - we have some to plant for next year so the bf can have.some Texas in Virginia !

  3. The braids are very cute. Can't wait to see the bluebonnet pictures. ;)


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