Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 14, 2014

 This past weekend was very, very full. We did! All! The things! Really though, to be reasonable, that is what every single weekend is going to feel like until the school year ends. April and May are filled to bursting (with good things!) each year. It's just the nature of the season, and I'm starting to learn to go with it. Maybe even love it, and it's not really my nature to love so much activity. Ironically.

On Friday night the Flint upper school had a dance - the second one we've ever had, and it was wonderful. It probably wasn't what they were going for, but I couldn't stop whispering to Aaron, "They're so ADORABLE!"

I mean, they were cool and edgy and hip. I felt old and out of place and I can't understand the music these kids today dance to.

The dance music part is maybe not complete sarcasm, but mostly just because our fire alarm system has been messing up lately, and the last time it went off I was trying to shoo my class outside and then I realized that several of the students were, in fact, DANCING to the fire alarm.

But really, they were so cute that I wanted to die.

(Hey! Chaperons! Leave room for the Holy Spirit!)

We got home around eleven, and then had to get up again at four to drive one of Aaron's senior basketball players to a closed try-out five hours away. I wanted to go so I could check out the school and talk to Admissions, but also because if I didn't go I would spend the entire day worrying about car accidents and falling pianos and zombie invasions, and obviously if I was there I could protect everyone with my imaginary force field. I know this makes no rational sense, but it makes extremely good Mama Sense. Yes, it does, because I said so.

(Imaginary force fields were about all I was able to contribute to our collective safety, too, since Aaron wouldn't let me drive at all, preferring to slap himself in the face repeatedly when he got sleepy. There's either a commentary about my driving skills or his driving-control-freak tendencies here. Maybe both.)

SO it was thanks to a heroic combined babysitting effort on the part of both of our mothers that I was able to go with, and thank goodness for both of them! 

 (Totally not an over-use of Instagram filters, y'all. That's just what it looks like from inside a force field. Keep up.)

Then we drove five hours back and went to bed at like nine thirty because, wow. So tired!

I have exactly zero pictures from Sunday, because I spent the day basking in the company of my babies and I didn't want my phone anywhere near me. We had lots of weekend chores to get caught up on, but we took plenty of breaks to snuggle and read Beatrix Potter stories. It was pretty awesome.

And now, back into the fray! It's a whole NEW busy week!

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  1. Dang! You are looking good in your chaperoning dress! :) Sounds like a great weekend, and you are probably in the middle of another crazy busy one right now. Hope you're having a WONDERFUL Easter!


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