Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bluebonnet pictures! It happened! I won't get kicked out of Texas!

(seriously, though, I have no excuse for not making this happen before. It took like, ten minutes to find a good spot, and the girls thought it was awesome, and we took seven billion pictures, and that was that. It's not like it's a complicated tradition.)

We also got to go OUT on a DATE with FRIENDS, which was awesome. We went to a popcorn show of Journey to the Center of the Earth, and ended up falling terribly in love with popcorn shows. Aaron was slipping handfuls of popcorn into random people's bags when they got too close. He's going to take a group of his guys to the show at the end of the week, and we are going to take our summer kids there as one of our excursions FOR SURE. 

On Saturday I got the big girls dressed up so they could go to a fancy high tea party with their Gran. Despite my best efforts, I could find only ONE pair of leftover white gloves at Target, and I was filled with terrible dread at the prospect of the ensuing sister-battle. I thought about just skipping the gloves altogether, but you know, sometimes there isn't enough of everything to go around. Sometimes life isn't tidy and even, and I want them to know how to cope. I explained that the store only had one pair of gloves left, but that I knew both of them were going to want to wear the gloves. "What should we do, babes? How can we solve this?"
(I think I said this with my eyes shut and my face all scrunched up...I felt like I had just activated a bomb FOR FUN BECAUSE THINGS WERE GETTING DULL AROUND HERE)

Both girls stretched out their hands supahfast, but then Avalon stopped. "Maybe Lainey should get to wear them to the tea party and I can wear them tomorrow."


I got to spend an afternoon cleaning and organizing my costume room. And making friends with the fancy sewing machine that our PTF gave me for costumes. Oh, it is marvelous. Now the costumes are all organized, the room is clean, I know exactly what remains to be done (a lot! Don't let this fool you into thinking that I'm not still completely in awe of how much is left to make and how little time remains!) and for the first time ever, I have a pile of delegate-able tasks. Now when people ask if they can help, I can say yes. As opposed to previous years, when I would just whisper I don't know what I'm doing...no one can help me now

Not really! That would be overly dramatic! Wait...

Speaking of delegating... I finally stopped trying to defy the laws of physics every Sunday afternoon, and asked Aaron to do the grocery shopping for me while I clean the whole house, put away all the laundry, and prepare everything for the coming week. Oh. My. Lord. We are doing this from now on. I still worked like a house elf, but I had time to get everything done without feeling like a small hurricane rather than a person. I even did some extra baking, because hey, I'm already in the kitchen. Banana bread! Scones! The boys were very happy about this. AND all the meals are prepped for every evening this week, so I can spend more time playing with my babies after school, which means I will maybe not be a puddle of guilt at bedtime each night because I made these people but I'm so busy taking care of them that I never get to spend any TIME with them! So much win, and all from asking for help with ONE task. I feel like there's a lesson here, or something.

And now for another crazy week! Let's do this!


  1. Bahaha- I love the house elf reference. Yay, for sweet babies and productive weekends!

  2. We will have to get SPEW involved if you don't treat your house elf to a pedicure.

  3. So gorgeous!! I absolutely love that third photo!

  4. Such beautiful little ones. The weather looks perfect for the photos.

  5. To be honest, I have no desire to live in TX (love where I am, though I'm sure TX is lovely), but the bluebonnet shots could almost make me reconsider! Looks like you got some good ones. I'm almost afraid to ask... What's a popcorn show? Is this something that I should know about?

  6. That field with those flowers?! Amazing! The perfect place for taking pictures to the kids!


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