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Thursday, May 22, 2014

This is the last week of school, so it seemed like the perfect time to do a Day in Pictures thing. Soon our days are going to look very different, and I am most definitely looking forward to summer and a change of pace, but I've loved our school year rhythm. I took all of these pictures on Tuesday, which looks pretty much like most days except for the dance class part:

(Yes, A.M. Because I'm the only person in the house who would dream of getting up at such a time, so this way I get to do super important things like paint my toenails and surf blogs in profound peace and quiet. Worth it!)

(A sadly common sight. Nearly every morning I am cleaning up a roll of toilet paper that he's defeated.)

(Packing lunches and making breakfast...)

(We're at a point where I can set out their outfits for the week and they can dress themselves and mostly get ready on their own, even if they don't always choose the shoes that I had envisioned. They come downstairs for breakfast, I do their hair, and they are ready to go!)

(This one sleeps later because she's still waking up for a bottle in the early, early morning. Half the time I have to wake her up so we can leave on time.)

(Multiply this picture by five...I kept forgetting to take pictures of each class. Probably because they always get so suspicious when I try to take pictures.)

(Lunch date, just Aaron and I! You know you're busy when going through a drive-thru together qualifies as a date...)

Mass exodus the millisecond that class ends. I swear, the closer we get to the last day of school, the faster they rush out of here. Most of my classes got within two pages of finishing our book yesterday, but couldn't BEAR to stay for a minute of their passing period to just go ahead and wrap it up. 

(Apparently I was overthrown in a terrible coup...)

(Time for dance class! Ever since basketball season ended Aaron has been taking Phoebe home after school on our dance class day, which makes everything MUCH easier. And he makes dinner on Tuesdays now, so I don't have to rush home and cook afterwards. He's a keeper!)

(I tried to be productive while I was waiting, but this is about as far as I got...)

(She got TWO stamps!)

(Finally home! Must be time for a meltdown and timeout!)

(And time to hang out with this sweet chunk)

(and play outside until dinner is ready)

(Aaron made spaghetti for dinner. Not pictured: scathing lecture delivered to certain young men on the rudeness of only emerging from your room to grab a plate, and then taking said plate back to your room to continue your hibernation. Because no, sorry, in this house the price of food is human interaction.)

(Bedtime snuggles and stories)

(Evening chores. Scotty does the dishes, Jamie takes out the trash and sweeps the floor. They barely even need to be reminded to do their chores at this point, and they are getting very thorough. YOU ARE WELCOME, FUTURE WIVES!)

(I get half an hour of a bubble bath with a mindless novel, thank goodness, before I get back to working on my to-do list.)

(Bedtime snack, Trim Healthy Mama style)

And that's it! Evenings look a little different based on what day of the week it is and what we have going on after school - Tuesdays are my only night to not cook dinner - but this is pretty much how it goes down around here these days.

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  1. I've seen several "day in the life posts", but this is the first in almost all pics. Fun!


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