In Which May is Looking Pretty Great

Friday, May 2, 2014

We went through four pots of coffee before ten thirty A.M. yesterday at school. I was given a Kuerig coffee maker recently, and my immediate first thought was, Oh yes, this baby is going to live in my classroom where it can SAVE MY LIFE.

May is the season of coffee for us. May is the crescendo of the entire school year, and it is beautiful, but also kind of crazy. Field Day! Awards banquet! Costumes! The school play! Finishing our classes! Last day of school party! Graduation! Progress reports! Dance recital! Senior Trip! Not to mention all of the preparation that goes into each of those events. It is a little bit like living inside of a confetti cannon.

On top of that, my brain does this stupid adorable thing where it likes to jump ahead a few weeks of whatever massive project I am currently embroiled in, and obsess about very far-off minutia. Because no, sewing thirty or so more costumes is not enough, I apparently also must be making daily individualized lesson plans for summer school. Ranging from baby signs to the Odyssey! I think this is a way of coping with the insanity that is May... as long as I know that everything is planned and prepared and I know what to expect, I feel a lot more confident that I can bring it.

Right now my babies are all playing together, I have a huge batch of chili going to feed the boys who are having a game night over here later, the laundry is chugging along, and I'm cozied up with my planner, Pinterest, and a cup of tea. It's a pretty great way to spend a Friday afternoon, if you ask me.

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  1. Nicole, I just love you! And I kind of want to be like you when I grow up :) Also? Pass the coffee!


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