End of May Wrap-Up

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer break is here! It really and truly is here! Before I can bask in the glory of it all, though, I feel obligated to wrap up that last bit of May. Which was amazing and memorable and important, and if you don't believe me, I have 537 pictures from between May 22 and May 31 to show you. If you do believe me you only have to look at a few collages.

First we had the last day of school. Some of the guys senior-pranked us the night before, and I have to admit that I thought they were pretty creative. The life-sized camel from the play was blocking the front door, a gargoyle was sitting at Dr. Flint's desk, and the biology mannequin occupied one of the bathroom stalls. We know better than to try to do anything academic on the last day of school, so instead we took the entire upper school to a roller skating rink, then a park, and then back to school for an epic (but very sensibly not pictured!) water balloon fight. Avalon and Lainey's class had a Peter Pan party, and I let them wear their Anna and Elsa dress-up dresses to school, so they had pretty much the best day ever.

Then we had graduation the next day. I always have mixed feelings about graduation. I'm so proud! But sad that I won't be seeing them every day any more! I love watching the senior slideshow! But I hate having to give a speech! I'm very conflicted all evening. This year's graduation was wonderful, especially since a lot of these grads have been at Flint since middle school. It was a pretty big graduating class by our standards, although I know it was teeny-tiny compared to ordinary schools. We had eight graduates.
Afterwards I had planned a quiet night of packing and last-minute chores, but somehow most of the kids gravitated back to our house, experiencing the heady thrill of calling Aaron and I by our first names, haha! We're grown-ups now! It happens every year and it's kind of adorable.

Then bright and early the next morning, Aaron's parents came over to hold down the fort and we headed down to Galveston to board the cruise ship. I'm just going to go ahead and tell you, this was a VERY GOOD senior trip, but it did not have an auspicious beginning. We ought to have left earlier than we did, and then we got stuck in horrible traffic in Houston. It was bad enough that I genuinely thought we were going to miss the boat. But then we got parked and into the Customs line and everything, so whew! Everything was going to be okay! Y'all get out your passports or your ID's and birth certificates and we'll hustle on through security! And then I heard words to chill the heart of any chaperon: "I don't think I brought mine."
Oh yes, that happened. It happened in spite of the fact that I had asked everyone repeatedly before I let them in the van that morning if they had their documents, and they had all assured me that they did. Fortunately I found the missing birth certificate after a frantic, furious search through all of his bags in the middle of the security line, and we made it onboard the ship where I dissolved into a puddle of post-adrenaline exhaustion as soon as possible.
The rest of the trip was much better. I won't say that it was a vacation for Aaron and I, since we were so busy keeping track of everyone, but it did have some vacation-y spots that were very nice. Not all of the grads went, which I was initially disappointed about, but we were plenty occupied with the handful that we had. We could do a cruise again for a senior trip, I think. It was a cheaper trip than previous ones, I didn't have to cook anything, and there were plenty of things for everyone to do. We went snorkeling and hanging out on the beach in Cozumel, and toured the Mayan ruins at Progresso, and ran all over the ship doing whatever looked fun. It was good times, all in all.

We came back home Thursday afternoon, a little sick and pretty tired, missing our babies desperately. That was FIVE DAYS away from them, and five days is really too many days to be separated from three-quarters of your heart. I had a shocking amount of laundry to deal with, also, and had to scramble around to finish up outfits for the two big girls to wear for the Daddy-Daughter portion of their dance recital on Saturday. The whole recital was adorable. I really like the dance studio the girls are at now - Lainey, especially, adores her teacher, and both girls are learning a lot. I can see a noticeable improvement just since the winter recital. Poor Lainey, though, knew her routine really well (I've seen her do it beautifully in class) but was so distracted by someone off-stage that she barely moved. My favorite part, hands-down, was the Daddy-Daughter dance at the end of the recital. Aaron agreed reluctantly to do it, and apparently the girls were super whiny and uncooperative at every practice, even the one at dress rehearsal the morning of the recital. I have to take his word for it, mamas weren't allowed to see any of the practices, but the actual performance was SO CUTE. The theme was 90's hip-hop, so that was awesome! And really, what could be sweeter than a bunch of guys dancing with their little girls? Heart acksplodey, is what it was. That's the technical term. Trust me, I'm an English teacher.
Avalon had so much fun with this that she thinks maybe she wants to take a hip-hop class next year. But she still loves ballet. But not tap. We could be done with tap forever and she'd be fine with that. She asked Lainey if she wanted to take a hip-hop class too, and Lainey said, in an emphatic and very Lainey way, "No. No. I need to stay with Miss Lindsey. No, Avalon." Lainey doesn't love everyone, but she loves her chosen few very fiercely.

And that was it, the dance recital (and the post-dance recital Sonic run for our super hyped-up chickas) is how we closed out the crazy, wonderful month of May. Hi there, June! Your pace is going to be about three hundred times slower, okay? Okay!

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