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Monday, June 23, 2014

Words cannot even describe how glad I am that it's a new week. Last week was...not my favorite. Mostly because I spent the vast majority of my time fighting with this:

Bottomless Box of Folders. Since we left for the senior trip right after graduation, we didn't have to do our end-of-the-year progress reports until after we got back. So I had this nice little schedule plotted out of doing a report here and a report there, during naptime and after the kids went to bed, all gradual and easy. And it did. not. happen. Not even a little bit, because I was so busy and having too much fun to sit down and do what is easily the most procrastination-tempting task EVER. And then when I finally did suck it up and get to work, it took FOR EVER because I was also supposed to be editing for everyone and fixing the formatting on each report to make it uniform. Which serves me right for being an English teacher and having OCD.

We didn't have many boys last week (only three! I don't think I have a normal perspective on 'many' any more!) and it wasn't a basketball camp week, so it all worked out well enough for Aaron to deal with the kids mostly while I holed up in front of the computer until my eyes bled and my brain liquefied over hundreds of pages of Google Docs. It was super.

BUT the reports are finally finished, I hauled my box of folders back to my classroom, and I can rejoin the land of the living once more. All of my energy apparently got sucked into the computer screen, and I really missed being with my chickies, so I accomplished very little this weekend other than laying around and catching up on snuggles. Hence rejoining the land of the living in full force today looks suspiciously like a lot of laundry.

Which does not bother me at all, as a matter of fact, as long as I don't have to write a meaningful, balanced, unique reflection including personal anecdotes on each individual towel, or anything.

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  1. It's always such a load off to get something like that done!


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