Quick Takes

Friday, June 13, 2014

1.  It's so weird when one of my babies goes off to do something and the others stay with me. The dynamic changes so quickly and I start noticing things about personality and development that are somehow harder to see when it's business as usual. Avalon has loved going to basketball camp with the boys all week, and although I've missed her, it's been fun to see Lainey as the biggest sister for a bit. She's supposed to go to a VBS type thing next week, but so far I haven't been able to convince her. And I can SO sympathize with wanting to just stay home. 

2. I've barely left the house all week, myself. Just that one quick run to drop Avalon off at the gym on Monday. I've been so busy at home that I didn't even realize this until last night. I don't mind...but I am about to run to Whole Foods before my tribe gets up, since I need more xylitol and to see what other people look like.

3. Jamie's mom's birthday was this Wednesday, so he baked a cake for her - red velvet from scratch. He did it entirely by himself, with me talking him through each step. I kept my hands completely off, except for a few times when I was demonstrating how to do something.

4. Obviously this was completely adorable, but it was also apparently terrifying. He was so worried about ruining the cake that each step was a new obstacle of epic proportions.
"Just...dump it all in there? Dump it? ALL?" It took over three hours, and felt a lot more like disarming a bomb than baking a cake, but he did it!

5. "And Mrs. H., you do this ALL DAY LONG! Cooking is so stressful...we really take you for granted, don't we?" 
I hated to argue with that. They certainly DO take me for granted! But I did tell him that I think cooking and baking relaxes me. He didn't believe me. I'm okay with that.

6. Jamie is Phoebe's favorite person, pretty much on the planet (seriously, I'm convinced that she's going to say his name before she says mama) but the other boys are always trying to get her to like them best. I have a suspicion that she's playing this situation (and these boys) for all it's worth...certainly she has plenty of attention all the time.

(A little game of Who Will Phoebe Go To When Called)

7. I've been wanting to watch Saving Mr. Banks since FOREVER. Last weekend I finally added the DVDs-in-the-mail package to our Netflix account, and this was the first movie in my queue. It was here by Tuesday, and I have been waiting ALL week to have a chance to watch it. Really, that has been my highest aspiration each day. FINALLY I got to watch it last night - although I didn't hear the first part of it because the guys were being super noisy (as per the usual) in the next room. But it was totally worth the wait! And Aaron watched it with me, even though it's not really his kind of movie, even though the boys started watching one of the Batman movies. That's love.

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  1. I love seeing the pictures of your girls and boys interacting with each other. What a unique and wonderful environment for all of them to grow up in- they're going to learn so much from each other! Your posts make my heart happy :)

    Also, I've been Netflix binging like crazy- I'm currently stuck on Dexter. Hence, why I also have not been leaving my house (work doesn't count because...work).

    Happy weekend, darlin'! :)

    1. Dexter! That's another show I want to start! Right now Aaron is on a huge Arrested Development kick. I don't know why, but it's somehow impossible to watch several shows at once on Netflix...it's gotta be the same one until you run out of episodes and are too over-attached to function!

  2. The apron kills me! I love that he did that for his mom. :) I hope you enjoyed your Whole Foods odyssey.

    1. I thought it was too adorable! He's a sweetie, for sure!


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