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Friday, June 27, 2014

First Avalon said this was going to be a tree house, but then the tree started sprouting funny things like carrots. And flames. There was a whole (extremely detailed) plot line that she was explaining to me as I made lunch the other day. "So is the tree on fire, or is it a fire tree?" I asked, wanting to know if she could understand the difference. "Of COURSE it's a fire tree, Mama, because God speaks through it. Don't you know that story?"

I'll just stop fishing around and checking on her language development, shall I? I think she's doing okay.

I was so excited about the free Lucy Maud Montgomery download on Amazon yesterday! It has long been my plan (and still is!) to search out the entire print set...because I just NEED to own those books, I really just DO. But it hasn't happened yet because that's a lot of books and I have a hard enough time justifying my book purchases as it is. I don't like reading stuff on my phone, mostly because I always feel guilty that I'm modeling phone-gazing rather than reading. If I'm ignoring the kids, it needs to be because my nose is buried in a book, civilized-like. But I couldn't pass up FREE!

So I downloaded it and then I realized it came with audio recordings! We spent an hour playing outside, listening to the first three chapters of Anne of Green Gables. And I had my hands and attention free, which would not have been the case if I had been reading aloud while the kids played. I got to rest my brain and modify Lainey's phonics workbook and weed the garden and mix up some homemade mosquito repellent. AND Anne was seeping sneakily into their little subconsciences all the while. 

4. Aaron and the boys were gone until super late last night, with back-to-back summer league games. And where I would ordinarily have let the girls stay up late and have a movie night or something, I put them to bed on time and had some blessed peace and quiet and Downton Abbey. I FINALLY started the first season last night and now I know why y'all are all hooked. But it is most definitely something that Aaron wouldn't enjoy watching with me. Which makes it perfect for basketball game nights!

 The guys didn't get back until nearly one, and they did not come home quietly, exactly. I didn't mind too much because I can't fall asleep until Aaron gets home anyway. But when they decided to continue being noisy and forage in the fridge and shut doors loudly over and over for the next hour while I was trying to sleep? Much grumpiness. Unluckily for them, I spent my wakeful hour plotting revenge. The very next time this happens (and it happens, sadly, VERY FREQUENTLY) I am going to wake them at five thirty when I get up, and make them get up and start their day, too. 

I'm deep in the midst of birthday plans for Lainey. She's been saying for a long time that she wants a Tinkerbell party, so I've been collecting Tinkerbell party ideas. Really good ones! That require me to buy very few things! Then suddenly she changed her mind and now insists that she MUST HAVE a Hello Kitty party. I tried to talk her out of it. "What if we still had the Tinkerbell party, but I got you a Hello Kitty present? Would that be okay?" 
"Okay, Mama." She said with a sigh. "Only I just really wanted a Hello Kitty party."

Hello Kitty party it is, baby! I'm on it! With the caveat that she cannot change her mind again, or I will lose mine. 
I'm not thrilled about the theme, mostly because I can't think of any Hello Kitty activities and I could think of TONS of Tinkerbell ones. But I am very excited about the Hello Kitty dress that I'm planning on making for my birthday baby. Enough time has finally elapsed since the play that I'm ready for a new sewing project! 

 Aaron took pity on my lamenting and Pinterest-searching for Hello Kitty party activity ideas, and looked online and found a kitschy game arcade type place where all the machines take nickles, and they have really good birthday party rates, so he's going to take the boys later today on a reconnaissance mission to see if it would be good for Lainey's party. Oh, the sacrifices they make for their little sisters! 
(But seriously, if this place works I won't have to plan any activities at all! And I could make little Hello Kitty bags of nickles to give to all the guests! And other ideas! Y'all know how I get about birthday parties...)

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  1. Downton is something I watch alone too. My husband has paperwork nights and that's when I watch it, but dear husband shouts things upstairs occasionally in a British accent.

  2. Wait, what??? LM Montgomery for free??? How did I not know?!

    Working on my lack of sleep...um...grumpies (I was going to say murderous rage, but I didn't want you to think poorly of me) is something I am prayerfully working on. I like your solution much better than my incomprehensible screeching.


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