Rainy Morning

Monday, June 9, 2014

I've been up since four thirty, thanks to my stubborn little Phoebe-bird. She's been hanging on to her middle-of-the-night bottle habit, much longer than either of the older girls did, and we finally decided to cut it out. Girlfriend was not happy. She didn't actually cry, except when I dutifully appeared to sooth her and tuck her back in every ten minutes, and DIDN'T BRING A BOTTLE, WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? She would yell at me until I left, and then subside into this sleepy, mumbly kind of whiny grunting. She didn't even sound upset, but she also didn't stop it and go back to sleep, so we kept this up for two hours. Until I had the bright idea of running a fresh pacifier under cold water and giving it to her, at which point she promptly fell back asleep. I don't know, babies are weird.

By then I was already on my second cup of coffee, and was halfway through catching up on some blogs, so it looks like our first day of summer school just had an extra early start. I don't mind. It started raining sometime after five thirty, and I opened our bedroom window to let the sound of the storm and the fresh rain-smell in. In a minute Aaron will wake up and say how well-rested he feels...he always says that when the window is open and it's raining while he sleeps. Rainy mornings are the best, I think.

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  1. Today is our first day of summer vacation and it is cool and rainy too. Perfect for going to sign up for the summer reading program at the library! ;)


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