Theme Thursday: Sports

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another Theme Thursday that has a perfect theme for me! Because, sports!

Well, not perfect for me personally. I mean, I can't sports. Unless you count Extreme! Lightning Fast! Reading! as a sport, which you probably don't and that's okay. But I do love all of my athletically inclined tribe, and I love watching them play, and I love being marginally involved in sports the way that I am as Mrs. Coach and one-woman booster club and rabid team mama.

(A hundred million years ago, before I knew Aaron, I would get all teenage-daydreamy about what kind of guy I would end up with and one of my favorites was the one where I was married to a coach of some sort. It's just always appealed to me somehow. True story. Life is funny like that sometimes!)

This is a huge part of our family culture. During basketball season (and off-season too, really) the girls are practically raised in gyms. They con basketballs away from the players and practice dribbling, or con the players into holding them up to the goals so they can make shots. And they're already all more coordinated than I am, so that's good. I dress them up as cheerleaders BECAUSE I CAN, but really what they look forward to is when the game is over and they can get out on the court and get buckets with their brothers.


But don't let me give too romantic an impression of this sports-infused life...


Bags of jerseys to be washed. There are always bags of jerseys to be washed.


  1. I love you dress them as cheerleaders while you can! I'd give them a basketball too with their sweet faces.

  2. Ew, bags of jerseys...
    These are great photos!

  3. Love the photos, and I love that sports are a family thing in your life. :)


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