Theme Thursday

Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Theme Thursday has the perfect theme for what I was thinking about anyway today - Old Fashioned. 

Aaron has been going through old boxes at his mom's house, and bringing home lots of assorted childhood treasures. Mostly this drives me insane because WHERE are we going to put THAT; seriously, why didn't you just throw it away; ewww this is covered in dust and you handed it to the baby, or some variation on those general themes. 

That said, I am loving all of the PICTURES! Baby pictures, childhood pictures, teenager pictures...all completely adorable handsome and manly! We sit and look through them and have that one conversation about how much fun it would have been if we had known each other before we knew each other. That's one of our favorite conversations.

This, however is the crown jewel of my new fangirl collection:

Yes. My man's school T-shirt from 1991. With his cute little seven year old face plastered on it. See it? See the face?

And it has the added bonus of being the only shirt of his that doesn't look like a dress on me. I just had to find something he wore when he was seven.

Don't judge. I'm the only fangirl he gets to have, so I gotta go all out!


  1. When my MIL brought over all the "treasure of dubious worth" from my husband's childhood, THERE WAS NO ADORABLE SCHOOL T-SHIRT!
    I feel like I need to fix this somehow.

  2. Awe man, my last load of stuff from my husband's family was just pure junk. There was one school report that was funny but for the most part he has no real treasures like that!! Bummer. You hold on to that!

  3. Lucky you! I got stuck with all my hubs old Legos. Blah!

  4. We got Smurfs. No school shirt. You lucked out!


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