Weekend Wrap-Up and Photo-Dump

Monday, June 16, 2014

Friday: after basketball camp and weekend chores (read: mowing and yardwork, cleaning the bathrooms, and cleaning their rooms) we took the kids to a free outdoor concert at Levitt Pavilion, which is one of our favorite things to do in the summer. I packed up a picnic dinner, they brought a frisbee, we stopped and bought a few boxes of ice cream drumsticks on the way...can you ask for a better summer evening?

Saturday: Lainey actually agreed to go with Gran to a VBS swimming/ splash activity morning (I was never really clear on the details, honestly, and the most I got out of her afterwards is that it was fun and she ate a popsicle.) which I think was good for her, since she can be so timid about anything unknown or outside of her comfort zone. While she was having fun all independent-like, the rest of us spent the morning at Trader's Village, which is a gigantic flea market. With rides. And Michael Jackson impersonator performances. And shops where you can buy real ninja swords and live parrots and phone cases. Suffice it to say, everyone liked it. Avalon fulfilled a dream of her heart by getting to ride a "roller coaster" and loved it every bit as much as she's always known she would. She wanted to ride the Pharaoh's Revenge swinging ship, but the dude wouldn't let her on, EVEN THOUGH she was tall enough if you counted her hairbow. She teared up tragically, and I did my best pouty face, but homie wasn't budging.
So, whatever, we rode the Scrambler (oh, I get it mama! Because it mixes us up, right?) which had the exact same height requirement and a much nicer operator.

(And Aaron stocked up on the best grilling rub in the world, which I guess you can only get at Trader's Village, and we have been out of for TOO LONG and then grilled everything he could get his hands on for dinner that night)

Sunday: we got to give Aaron the presents that we've been working on all week - the girls have been diligently making some macaroni-covered trophies and I got a Groupon for a massage for him, because his back ALWAYS hurts and yet he will NEVER willingly spend money on himself when he could just grit his teeth and leap tall buildings at a single bound anyway. I guess he liked it, because he had me get another one for his dad, who promptly said, "Why did you spend money on me? I do need this, though." Hmmm, like father, like son, yes?
We did church, and lunch, and a long and glorious nap, and then had a Catan night while the girls built a fairy house in the backyard and stayed up very late because they were being so good.


  1. Massages are so worth it! With a good massage therapist, you can make serious progress on some of those areas that are always sore. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. What an eventful weekend! Great photos! I love a picnic too but haven't done it in ages because it is too hot here in Singapore.


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