A Very Late Weekend Photo-Dump

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This was supposed to be my weekend photo-dump, and I was supposed to post it yesterday! But instead of blogging yesterday morning, I got up and made a breakfast casserole, put dinner in the slow cooker, and slipped away before the kids woke up. I had barely been out of the house all week (see below, basketball) and I kept having to cancel my plans to spend time working at the school. SO I left Aaron in charge of the munchkins and spent my morning attacking the art/costume room. And then I solved the world's problems with Dr. Flint for a while. And then I attacked the art/costume room again. I meant to only stay until the early afternoon, but I ended up staying until 8 o'clock. And I FINISHED the art/costume room!
(that's why I stayed so late, I suddenly had the end in sight and I couldn't quit then!)

Now every item of clothing is sorted and put away, either in labeled bins or hanging on the rack, depending on if it will probably be useful for the next play. Every scrap of fabric is sorted by color and folded and put away in bins. Every bit of sewing and crafting equipment is sorted and put away. Every art supply is re-organized and PUT AWAY. It's beautiful.

Digging into a big mess like that, in peace, and taming it? Strangely therapeutic, and exactly what I needed after a long week of basketball-enforced solo-parenting.

There was a lot of basketball last week and weekend...games for two summer leagues and a two-day tournament in Plano that maybe I didn't know about beforehand. Which meant that I was the only responsible adult around from breakfast to bedtime most days, and I had no plans and no van. So...things got pretty silly at the Hallford house.

(They didn't fall, they just decided to roll around on the ground because they're goobers)

Friday morning while the boys were still around, I got them to set up the little splash pool for the girls so we could have SOMETHING novel to do. They were very diligent about this job, even testing it to make sure it was safe.

The girls found it after nap-time and were mildly enthusiastic, I guess.

Saturday morning I got brave and tried out the Trim Healthy Mama pancakes recipe. Brave because they have weird ingredients like cottage cheese, and also because I tend to be bad at recipes that require me to flip things. BUT Avalon really, really loves pancakes and she's been begging me for some. These defied my attempts to pour them into whimsical shapes, but eventually we came to an agreement and they pancaked up decently. Then we had our own at-home version of Flapjacks and a Flick because, wouldn't you know, it was RAINING when all I had planned for the morning was playing in the splash pool.

It stopped raining mid-Muppet Treasure Island, though, so when the movie was over we ditched the pajamas for bathing suits. Which was a whole thing in and of itself... I knew that obviously Phoebe couldn't wear her suit from last summer - it's a 0-3 months! But I didn't bother buying a new one for her because she could fit Lainey's from two summers ago just fine. And both of the bigger girls had 5-T suits last summer, so I thought they would still fit. Lainey's did, Avalon's did not. She's too tall! One-pieces do not forgive height. I actually had to put her in her old 2-T suit. Because apparently she is only growing vertically, not horizontally.

Aaron got home in time to take us to see a production of Annie, Jr. on Saturday night. It had THREE Flint students in the cast, so of course it was spectacular!

We couldn't go to church the next day, and I had already done practically all of the chores around the house. So Sunday pretty much looked like this, and it was awesome.

Now I'm about to fling myself full-force into getting ready for our Fourth of July/Aaron's birthday festivities. And I'm feeling pretty mighty, having defeated that art/costume room so thoroughly. Also pretty sore. Heavy things are heavy, and when you want to work in solitude, you have to move them yourself, sadly. But it's a very satisfying kind of soreness. It's probably how people who work out or run or whatever feel!


  1. Love those photos, my friend. The pool shots are epic!

  2. I love the picture of the boys testing out the pool! Looks like something my husband would do!

  3. Playing in the pool looks fun. Satisfying soreness is a good thing, however you manage to get those muscles worked up. :)


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