Fourth of July Quick Takes

Friday, July 4, 2014

1. Because Aaron's birthday is July 4th, our family tradition is to go see fireworks on the 3rd every year and have a cook-out type thing at home on the 4th. Wrangling overtired children and fighting ridiculous traffic are not exactly birthday-ish activities! We go to Light Up Arlington at the Levitt Pavilion. Live music, bouncy houses, petting zoos...we've done this every year since Avalon was born, and we love it.

2. We made a completely thm picnic to take. We didn't cheat at all, making up in advance for all of the unhealthy food we'll be eating today. It's his birthday, and I'm cooking with REAL SUGAR! Starting with hot, fresh brownies for breakfast. Mmmmm. I want to feed my family healthy food almost all of the time, but I'm firmly opposed to setting it in stone and NEVER having treats. And we were very, very good yesterday.

(Entire picnic menu: Grilled chicken and pork skewers, deviled eggs, cheddar-jalapeno poppers, balsamic green bean salad, Kim's strawberries stuffed with cream cheesy goodness, and berry parfaits. It didn't SEEM like diet food!)

3. I pilfered a few books from the school library to read to the girls about the Fourth of July. "Our country used to have a very mean king and the people didn't like him." I said, to introduce the stories.
"OH! I know who that was!" says Avalon, "It was PHARAOH!"
Actually, you can kind of see plenty of similarities, if you think about it.

4. We left Aaron's truck parked at Levitt earlier in the day, then headed over around seven for our tailgating tradition. Lots of the boys were with us this year, which added to the fun!

5. After the sun went down we pulled out the glow sticks and sparklers. Lainey hurt her finger on a sparkler last year, so consequently all the little kids were scared of them at first. My mom had the brilliant idea of making sparkler holders/shields out of cups, though, so pretty soon everyone (except Lainey, who remained firm in her anti-sparkler stance) wanted them. We didn't give Phoebe one, though, obviously!

6. And fireworks, finally! Lainey cried a bit at the noise, but we cuddled her close and she was okay. I was foolishly worried about Phoebe, who was only three months old last year for fireworks so this was kind of the first time for her to be aware of them. That was some extremely wasted worry. She stared in amazement for a while, then she began clapping and laughing, and then started clapping on her head like, MY MIND IS COMPLETELY BLOWN! After a few really spectacular ones she even threw herself backwards because she CAN'T EVEN, YOU GUYS. It was maybe the most adorable reaction to fireworks that any of my babies has had so far! And then Aaron put her on his shoulders so she could see better, and that was insanely cute also.

7. It was an extremely fun 3rd of July, and now I have a lot of birthday business to attend to. You know I love birthdays. And holidays. And today is two in one, so yay! I have a lot of specially-requested treats to bake for my man and seafood boil to get ready for tonight, and I can't wait!

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  1. You and your family are, by far, the absolute cutest.

  2. Those kids are SO cute, and that food is making me hungry!! :)


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