Hello Kitty Quick Takes

Friday, July 25, 2014

1. Lainey's birthday party is today! And miraculously, I have everything all packed up and ready to go! I see nothing but Hello Kitty when I close my eyes, but it's all ready and I think I still have time to relax with a cup of coffee for a few minutes before I need to get the girls up and dressed. Miraculously. I said that, right?

2. And we'll be getting dressed in our Hello Kitty shirts, naturally. Because Avalon and Phoebe and I have to match the birthday girl! It's the theme! And I will beat it into the ground, as I simply can't help myself!

 3. But we'll wear these shirts plenty in the future. And you can bet that I'll be using this sweet vegetable cutter (I...think? That's what the pictures on the package look like...) for cute school lunches.

 I ordered it to shape the fondant cupcake toppers that I wanted. $2 on Amazon, score!

4. So I could create vaguely eerie cupcakes that are watching you.

(It's entirely possible that I haven't gotten quite enough sleep lately. They're cute, right? Not sinister at all. That's just my own personal Hello Kitty overload talking, RIGHT?)

5. Just smile and nod, y'all. It's way to late in the game uncreepify them now. 

6. The thank-you bags turned out better, in my opinion, although I have no idea what to call that stuff I made for them. It's popcorn and pretzel sticks and sprinkles and chocolate chips, coated in melted almond bark and then broken up after it hardens. I usually make it for Easter and we call it Bunny Bait, but you can make it for ANY occasion if you just change up the type of sprinkles you use. It's seriously addictive, but calling it Hello Kitty Crack seems fairly inappropriate. 

7. Drinks chosen entirely for how cute they look with the labels, showing a wildly irresponsible disregard for stains and the dangers of Red Dye Number Five. Actually, this may well be the first time that my children have ever tasted Kool-Aid. We're going to live dangerously today!

(Don't think we're off the Hello Kitty hook yet, though. I'll still be posting pictures of the actual PARTY next!)


  1. My dad's mom would make that popcorn stuff and (bc he was obsessed with Batman when he was a kid) she called it Bat Rations. But I like Hello Kitty Crack. It fits the theme. ;)

  2. The snack bags seem similar to puppy chow (sometimes called muddy buddies when chocolate melts are used instead of almond bark) so I would call it kitten chow.

  3. Haha! I'm glad you didn't call it Hello Kitty crack, but I'm also really glad you told us that you thought about it!


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