Quick Takes!

Friday, July 11, 2014

1. Several of our boys have been away this past week, and there wasn't a basketball camp, so it's been strangely quiet around here. Even Avalon has been away at VBS every morning, and then she gets back just in time to go to my mom's house for her reading lesson. It's been a nice little lull between all the festivities of last week and the festivities that are coming up at the end of the month. I've spent most of it rocking poor teething Phoebe and sorting through the girls' dressers and closets.

2. Really, all she wants is to be held. And to bite me. 

3. Our mailbox recently had an unfortunate encounter with a Lexus...today is the happy day that it gets rebuilt! I foresee a lot of mailbox-construction-watching in our morning.

4. Avalon's off to her last morning of VBS with Gran. Tonight we are all going to a movie night for it...and I guess the kids are supposed to serve food. Avalon insists that she will be "doing something on a stage" but since I haven't heard about that from any grown person, I have a feeling that that is just wishful thinking.

5. If you were to read the texts that Aaron and I send to each other, you would be pretty bored because we mostly talk to each other in person (weird, I know!) and text things that we forgot to put on grocery lists. But OCCASIONALLY you might run across a gem like this, when something happens while he's away at a basketball game and I can't possibly wait all evening to tell him:

6. That was last night, and we still can't figure out where the reference originated. We don't actually have television, just Netflix, and I can guarantee that we have never watched any sort of wrestling. I'm assuming that she heard one of the boys say this...? How does she even know the name John Cena? I was impressed with myself for knowing who he was!

7. I guess this means that I am not raising delicate little Barbie dolls, which is what many people assume when they see that we have ALL GIRLS, OH POOR DADDY IS SO OUTNUMBERED IN GIRLY LAND!
Yeah no. They're surrounded by a gazillion honorary big brothers all of the time. The boys are great about watching what they say around the girls (poo-analogies aside, apparently) but they are still definitely a big influence on my little warrior princesses!

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  1. Warrior FAIRY Princesses, I still hope. ;)

  2. Omg. The John Cena reference got me good. I had to share that one with Chuck.

  3. #5 is so hilarious! I kind of know who he is, but I had to think about it!


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