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Friday, July 18, 2014

The boys have been tearing down an old part of the playground at Flint to make way for a new sand volleyball court. I love that they can work at the school- it helps them feel more connected and proud. We are a community and everyone contributes...I think that's such an important sense for the kids to have.

Plus, you know, demo is kind of fun. You get to use axes and stuff.

2. We signed Avalon up for a musical theatre camp. I haven't mentioned the possibility of it to her because I wasn't sure that we could swing it (and also because I actually think it's unkind to tell children about the super awesome things that they might be doing. They don't have any control over whether something happens or doesn't happen, no matter how much they look forward to it. Life presents plenty of opportunities for them to learn to deal with disappointments without us setting up unnecessary opportunities, is what I think. So I try VERY HARD to keep my mouth shut until things are as confirmed as they can be.) but she's been a TINY bit obsessed with being in a play for a while now. She understood that she couldn't be in Joseph because it was just for the big kids, but when she saw girls her own age in Annie she started asking if she could be in a play, too. I think I've just about "Maybe someday"-ed her to death these past few weeks!

3. Her response to the news was so very typical Avalon. First she squealed and jumped around, then she interrogated me thoroughly as to casting and costuming procedure. And then she ran off to make a thank-you card for Gran, who is helping with the tuition.

(That is a drawing of the theater and Avalon is on the stage, naturally having been cast in the lead role.)

4. The boys had their LAST summer league games last night. Those are skeptical all-caps, because you will never catch me believing that basketball is over! But I'm glad they won the last game, particularly since it was one of those down-to-the-wire games. They were down by one point with eleven seconds left on the clock, and Bernachi executed Aaron's strategy perfectly and WON THE GAME!

I wasn't there, but I got to see a really life-like re-enactment in the living room when they all got home. I love my underdogs!

5. The girls and I were stuck inside all day yesterday because it was raining so much. I opened up the dress-up trunk and let their imaginations run amok while I read a book and helped them in and out of costumes.

(not pictured: forty bazillion other costume combinations and poses, because WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE, MAMA, TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS ONE)

6. We made one glorious mess, but it was awfully fun! Ordinarily I would have a planned Activity. Or I would be doing chores while they were occupied with free play. But yesterday, I don't know...I wanted to be still and read and have a front-row seat to their imaginations. And I realized that while I model busy! working! for them all of the time, they also need to see mama resting occasionally without the universe imploding.

In completely not-surprising news, Phoebe continues to adore being the center of her big brothers' attention.

Seriously. I know you're all probably sick of pictures like this, but it's SO CUTE to see her immediately toddle to the middle of a group of them when they get home, and to listen to them argue over whose name she's trying to say. I love it, that is all.


  1. That last part will never get old. A bunch of 16, 17 yr old boys arguing over a baby will NEVER get old.

  2. Oh, yes, model that reading! I do all the time. :)

    I love that Avalon will get to be in a play! How wonderful!

  3. I feel the same about letting the "cat out of the bag" too early. I don't tell my kids anything until the very last minute!

  4. Totally agree with the previous commenters that pics like #7 NEVER get old. I love it! I'm also very excited for all involved that the musical camp is going to work out, because it sounds perfect for her, but I'm laughing, because for some of us, that would not be a fun thing. :)

  5. I personally love the pictures and completely agree about not telling children about the "maybes" in life. They just don't understand and get SO disappointed when it doesn't happen. I sometimes only tell my kids as we are walking out the door!! Ha! Thanks for sharing with the Saturday Soiree Blog Party! I hope you'll continue to be a regular with us!


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