Theme Thursday: Vacation

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We aren't going on any vacations this summer, not as a whole family. Aaron and I did the senior trip, I think he and Mr. Collum are taking some of the boys camping at some point, and I'll be going to California for a week of classical education awesomeness...but nothing that would qualify as a vacation. (well, okay, I personally count the Circe retreat as a vacation because I don't have to cook anything, and I get to hang out with a group of seriously amazing ladies for a week. But my poor, poor brain does not consider it a vacation at all. Probably more like a week-long triathlon!)

Next summer we'll do something like a real family vacation, and that'll be great because I love taking the kids to new places and seeing them have new experiences. I'm also not one bit sad that we aren't doing it this summer, because Phoebe is no longer a portable baby, and she is not yet a reasonable child. We took a family trip when Lainey was this age and it was so. very. stressful! And actually, now that I'm thinking about it, we had a vacation when Avalon was this age, and she was extraordinarily wretched, too. My 12-18 month olds just don't travel well, apparently! They have traveled wonderfully at all other ages, but that particular stretch of development...ick. Stay home!

So I'm really okay with not taking them all someplace this summer. It wouldn't be restful, so to my way of thinking, it wouldn't be a vacation.
I mean, this looks like a vacation, right? Classic vacation-foot pic!

But those are not rested, vacationing feet, I promise. Those are anxious chaperon feet, which just happen to be located on a gorgeous beach while they try to make sure that no seniors get lost in Mexico, or drown while snorkeling, or attempt to smuggle iguanas back onto the cruise ship.

These are the real vacation feet. They get long stretches of time to curl up in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and a book. They still get lots of stuff done, but they do it slower and they don't feel guilty for taking breaks. Or naps. If you ask me, THIS should be the iconic summer vacation picture!


  1. I take pictures of my feet on vacation too !!

  2. I love both those "vacation" photos! You're so right, traveling with children that age is rough. Next summer will be better!


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