Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, July 7, 2014

So, this happened, and it was fun!

(Really now, WHY have I not thought of doing a seafood boil for Aaron's birthday/Fourth of July get-together before now? He always grills and I always feel bad for him, stuck sweating outside grilling when he ought to be having fun. AND he loves seafood. And seafood boils are really fun and easy. New tradition, I'm calling it! I promise to not leave the spices in so long next year, though. A few people's heads miiiiiight have burst into flames.)

I made brownies for breakfast (as promised) and then spent the morning doing the rest of the baking (a cookie cake, little cherry pie tarts, and Rice Krispie treats with patriotic sprinkles...all of his favorites!) and dinner prep work while the girls colored pictures for Aaron. They wanted to draw pictures of things he liked, but ran out of ideas. "Well, what does Daddy like to do?" I prompted.
"Uhhh...he likes to play with us. And he likes to call us Dingleburg and tease us!"

There you go, then.

Later we dropped the girls off with Aaron's grandmother and went to lunch at a burger place. We stopped at an Asian grocery store afterwards to pick up the seafood for the boil, since it's cheaper there. Sadly, I discovered that it's really only cheaper if you buy the LIVE seafood. The already-dead kind costs about the same as anywhere else. Guess who could not deal with preparing food that was crawling around and fighting with it's compatriots and LOOKING AT ME?

I'm not even that ashamed of myself, to be honest.

While I thawed my un-authentic crabs and shrimps and mussels, the girls napped and the guys played a few cutthroat games of Texas Hold 'Em. Kim and Dan came over a little early and helped me finish setting everything up, then everyone else showed up and we got down to some serious eating business!

(sorry I'm not sorry that I keep putting my children in these red dresses for every possible event. Aaron's aunt gave them to the girls for Christmas and I'm going to keep accessorizing them for different holidays for as long as they all three fit, because I love them!)

After dark we pulled out the sparklers and the possibly-contraband-but-very-small type fireworks and no one caught on fire or anything. This was followed by the most ridiculous game of Apples to Apples that was ever played in the history of time, and I let the big girls stay up so late that the next morning Avalon informed me that she really ought to go to bed at the same time as Phoebe from now on. I can get behind that.

My actual present to Aaron (aside from a silly assortment of unhealthy snacks and drinks and things crowded into a metal tub) was a trip to the Pocket Sandwich Theatre with friends the next night. You get to throw popcorn at the actors during the show, so it's kind of the best place in the whole entire world. We saw a melodrama entitled Herbits, Wizards, and Borks...OH MY! which was the Lord of the Rings trilogy compressed into one show and riddled with references from every awesomely nerdy thing you can imagine. The wizard character was called Dumbledalf, for example. It was HILARIOUS.

And THAT was Aaron's birthday weekend! I was completely exhausted by the end of it, but we had so much fun and now he's thirty and I'm still in my twenties, so I'll be milking that for all it's worth for the next three weeks, until my birthday! 

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  1. Looks like such a blast! I absolutely agree that you have to have seafood that's already been dead. If you have to pay extra for that to be taken care of, it's worth it.


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