Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, July 14, 2014

On Friday night we all went to a "drive-in" movie for the VBS that Avalon had been doing all week. It was so cute! They had been talking about serving and service, so the kids all served the hot dog dinner and the movie snacks to their guests. Avalon and her cousin manned the drink table and they took their job so seriously! There was a pre-movie slideshow of pictures of what the kids had been doing all week, and then they showed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which I thought would be too long for Phoebe, but she actually did really well and made it through the entire movie. Her teeth are FINALLY not hurting so much, I think. She's been much happier all weekend.

Saturday was my work-at-Flint day for this week, and I tackled the library, which was full of the books that we had all cleared out of our classrooms at the end of the year. And also a turtle, which startled me VERY MUCH when I almost stepped on him. Lots of other people were up at the school, too, so I got to socialize a bit, too!


(Turtles do not go in the poetry section! Please just leave the re-shelving to me, people, you are clearly confused!)

After! So tidy and organized and full of good books! It does my nerdy little heart such good!

On Sunday we went to church, then drove around longer than we anticipated, looking for a Chinese restaurant that was actually open. It was too long for poor Phoebe to wait, even though she never sleeps in the car, but she perked up when we got home and doled out egg rolls and temporary tattoos.

After the girls were down for the night, Aaron and I settled in for an evening of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, which was the only type of date we were able to get this week, but was actually pretty great! 

Now it's another basketball camp week, and Aaron and the boys are also going to be working on tearing down an old part of the school playground and installing a sand volleyball court. I have a to-do list a mile long to get everything ready for Lainey's birthday party and my trip to California for the Circe apprenticeship retreat - both of which are in just TWO more weeks!


  1. He was a mutant ninja. No, not the new kind--the acceptable, old school kind. ;)

  2. Really, what was up with the turtle??

  3. I love the idea of serving dinner as part of VBS! So cute! I had forgotten how long Chitty Chitty Bang Bang really is when we watched in on Netflix one night. I think it was too long for me, but my girls loved it!


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