Wordless Wednesday: Working!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm disproportionately happy about this...Our back fence has been a complete mess for a while now. Rotting boards patched horizontally with random bits of scrap lumber so the dogs wouldn't escape. Ew. It has been a SUPER classy eyesore that has offended my delicate sensibilities for TOO LONG. Yesterday we priced fence panels at Home Depot and Lowes, but yeesh, we're teachers here! My grocery budget has to stretch to feed a basketball team more often than not!

AND THEN I found fence panels for free on Craigslist. There was a fencing company that had gone out of business and the new people who had their lot just wanted the (thousands) of panels gone. Aaron got more than he even needed, and all for freeeeee!

So my guys are replacing the gross old fence today, flexing their muscles and being all manly.

And I'm in the air conditioning, drinking coffee and making  tacky kitschy Fourth of July decorations because, HOLIDAYS! I LOVE THEM AND THEY DESERVE TINSEL!


  1. Once again, I envy your family, teacher's wages and all. I mean, you know my heart and my desires, so you know how awesome your life sounds to me. (Calculating upsides, downsides, and the "Grass is always greener on the other side [s]" syndrome, brings us to: Yes, can I have your life, please? )
    Love you, Nicole! Give your precious little fairies a hug and kiss for me, even they most likely don't remember me. I can deal. For now.

    God bless!!!

  2. I almost had Justin retrieve pallets for decor because they were on craigslist for free. But we don't have a truck and I don't have time to do anything with them lol.

  3. Too bad you don't live around me. I just got a new fence put in and had a bunch of panels that had to be hauled away. POSH

  4. Yay for free stuff and the 4th of July!


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