Booster Club, Baby!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

You know what's more fun than cleaning? Planning the booster club!
I tried to do booster-y, spirit-y things last year, but solo and fairly disorganized. I was thrilled when some of the moms started bailing me out mid-season. THIS year things are going to be all organized and planned and not-solo! Because (and here's my blindingly obvious revelation for the week) it's okay to ask for help! And not try to do everything alone! Who knew!

So I'm sorting through all of my fund-raising and spirit-raising ideas and assigning them to different months of the school year... and making sign-up sheets and coordinating with the PTF. I'm so excited!

The first thing on my list was yard signs. We ordered some last year but, as Lainey would say, I'm not in love with them. So naturally, I decided to make them myself this year! I wanted to have samples ready to show at the back to school picnic so people could see if they wanted to order one right away. Yesterday I spent the morning working on them and altering jerseys.

Number 13 is for my own house, because that's Bernachi and he'll be staying with us this school year. And sadly, it took this wobbly-lettered prototype to convince me that I do, in fact, need to use a ruler to align the words. I don't know why I'm so resistant to rulers. Or why I think I can put things in a straight line on my own. There's nearly thirty years of experience telling me otherwise! I promise to break down and do the other ones properly. And I also won't make the mistake of using that paint pen again that is SUPPOSED to be navy but isn't and doesn't match. Don't judge the yard signs by my prototype, is what I'm saying. When I'm finished I should have a sample for basketball, volleyball, and non-sports-themed Flint Academy pride.

The other thing I did was create a GoFundMe for the athletics program, which I hope will boost up (haha) our fundraising efforts a bit.


In case you didn't just go click on that and donate a teensy bit (although I can't imagine THAT because you know a good cause when you see one!) here is the write-up that I created for it:

The athletics program at Flint Academy is a unique model of inclusion and sports. Some of the players are serious athletes who go on to receive college scholarships, some are students who enjoy playing and being part of a team, and some are students with moderate to significant learning and behavioral disorders. At Flint, everyone makes the team. 
We do not have a gym - the players practice in the parking lot after school. We are not a large school - the total student body from pre-k to 12th grade is less than 100 students. We are not a wealthy school - and academics are of course the main financial priority. But in spite of these obstacles we are competitive with much larger private and public schools. We were district champions in varsity basketball last year! 
Flint Athletics offers valuable experiences and character-building opportunities to students who would otherwise miss out. We need your help to continue providing this wonderful program! We are trying to raise funds to help cover expenses for things like equipment, gym rentals (we have to rent a gym for every home game on our schedule), referee fees, gas and lodging expenses for away games, uniforms, tournament fees, and developing new sports programs. If you've ever claimed to love underdogs, here is your chance to help them overcome!
Thank you for your support,Nicole Hallford, Flint Booster Club

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