Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, August 18, 2014

"I only have ONE thing left on my to-do list for the house" Ha. Hahahahaha. Sob.

Turns out "wash all the baseboards and trim and walls" is not actually ONE task. It's more like one hydra. It involved washing the baseboards and trim and walls...and scrubbing the grout and dusting the ceiling fans and cleaning the carpet and power-blasting the garage door and furniture-polishing all of the cabinets and much MUCH more for two solid days. Every time I thought I was almost finished, I would find seven more vitally important cleaning tasks that must be taken care of or the house would never sell!

I am left with a house that looks approximately the same, and a deep suspicion regarding the basic hygiene of everyone who lives here.

Fortunately they all pitched in and helped valiantly, and not one bit of grumbling did I hear during this no-fun-at-all work weekend. The little girls even worked - on Friday they were given the task of collecting all of their toys and trash from the back yard, and on Saturday they had to clean their room and sort and put away their own laundry. They had such good attitudes that they were rewarded with ice cream after both jobs!

Will work for ice cream

My reward was much better that ice cream. It was that check-mark in my planner next to Put House on the Market and the satisfaction of a goal met. It's all official and everything!

Oh gosh, look how dirty the sidewalk got when it rained yesterday. MAYBE I SHOULD WASH IT!

My other reward was to take so long getting ready that I nearly made us late for church yesterday, because after two sweaty no-makeup days I really needed to feel like a girl again and not a house-elf.

Seriously, I Red a Good Book? Was this nail polish made for me, or what!

After we signed paperwork and stuff yesterday afternoon, we celebrated with a lazy evening and a very Southern type meal - the first one in the last few days that I've had time to bother making nice.

It's just missing some greens!

Slow-cooker beans, cornbread, sweet tea, and apple crumble. All home-made and sugar free. I think I've created a monster by attempting sweet tea with xylitol in the simple syrup instead of sugar. You can't tell the difference at all and Aaron is now demanding earnestly requesting that I keep some made up ALL OF THE TIME.

The girls had their bath and bedtime deal...


And then Aaron and some of the boys and I hung out all evening. Among other topics, they helped me brainstorm a bunch of ideas for the booster club this year. I need to get all things booster-related organized and typed up before the back-to-school picnic. Which is NEXT Monday and not today, thank goodness! This is going to be an awesome week of planning and list-making and...fantasy football drafts. So, I'll be watching Downton Abbey at least three nights in a row!


  1. Woah! You're selling your house?! Craziness!

    1. Yes! It's time for more room to fit all these kids!

  2. Once I start cleaning, there's always something I miss! I was vacuuming when my guests were arriving yesterday for Emmy's birthday party. :) I hope your house sells quickly! Good Luck!

    1. Thanks! And seriously, I think it's impossible to see everything that needs to be done around a house...stuff just hides and then pops out at you.

  3. The cleaning is never-ending (though in my case, I admit it's sort of never-starting). Way to get it check marked and the house on the market!

    1. It does feel pretty futile, since you KNOW it's going to be just as bad in a few days!

  4. Oh, the task hydra. Forever my nemesis!

    (gooood luuuuuuuuck with the house, ohmygosh :D)

    1. Of all the mythological creatures, it's easily the worst!


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