Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, August 25, 2014

Really this was our last summer weekend, because we're about to dive into in-service week at Flint. Which, I know, is later than most schools. No school on Fridays AND super long summers? Very important parts of the Flint philosophy, and for much more philosophical reasons than Yay! Pajamas! I promise.
(But also, Yay! Pajamas!)

One of the last things I wanted to squeeze in before school started was an updated family picture, with us all in our typical game-day clothes. Just a nice picture of the five of us together, looking how we're going to look for the majority of the school year. So GiGi very kindly met us at a park and snapped ten thousand or so shots, with the hope that SOME would have us all looking reasonably normal. She took lovely pictures, and I love the one that I'm using for a blogging profile, but we didn't make it easy for her! 

The odds of all five of us not making a strange face or crying or anything at the same time just aren't good. Somebody is going to sneeze on a basketball, you can count on it. 

Or stick out their tongue and try to escape.

Phoebe wasn't the only culprit, though. Plenty of pictures show us ALL not cooperating.

Phoebe is three hundred percent done with this sitting still thing, I'm trying to keep hold of the basketball that she keeps hurling away - and I'm laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. Aaron and Lainey are all, IT'S HOT OUT HERE. ARE WE STILL DOING THE SMILING THING?  But look at Avalon! She's smiling so sweetly and demurely, you say!

Nope. I cropped this picture where I did because she decided to flip up her skirt and flash the camera.

But we did succeed eventually!

Avalon and Lainey went to my little sister's slumber party on Friday night, and Aaron and I had an actual date! We got to see one of our best pals from school use ALL of the accents (and mustaches!) known to man in a play in Dallas. And the next morning we all headed out to the Back to School picnic, which is always wonderful. It's like a Flint reunion after our long summer apart!

Afterwards Aimee had the other half of her birthday party (since lots of her friends are boys and couldn't come to her slumber party) in the same park. My mom got her hands on a catapult and the kids ran around dodging wet sponge bombs, which was awesome AND finished the job of completely wearing them out! They slept like little logs at nap-time, and then, since Aaron was at back-to-back fantasy football drafts, we had a girls night and baked muffins and painted fingernails and watched movies until they were ready to go back to sleep.

After church yesterday I spent a solid four hours in the kitchen, baking and prepping meals for the week. And watching silly romantic comedies on Netflix for most of that time, since Aaron was at another fantasy football draft and the kids took another good long nap. My feet were sore by the time I was finished, and it's one of those jobs that can SOUND wearying, but it's actually really relaxing. Baking is fun, knowing that I won't have to do as much to make dinner after work all week is fun, and watching Romancing the Stone is fun. It's a win all around!

Now to update bulletin boards and write syllabi!

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  1. I also get antsy when it's too hot and miserable. Also, where do I get me a catapult??


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