Back to School!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The new school year has officially begun! 

(Isn't that apple pretty? Good thing I got this picture before Phoebe ATE it!)

Back-to-school is my favorite holiday. I know every holiday is my favorite, and furthermore that back-to-school isn't actually a holiday, but I stand by that statement. You get to see everyone again, and everything is all crisp and new, and the structure and rhythm of the day just feels right. I love it.

I'm also really excited about the content that I'm teaching this year in art and literature. Initially I wasn't... I've been dreading the Modern Era (dun dun dun!) for a while now, but I stepped back and looked at my syllabus last week and realized that I'm looking forward to all of my books. Maybe this is because I'm ignoring the existence of Hemingway this time around. I'm not even a little bit sorry. I couldn't possibly read all of the books in a year, even if I wanted to!

Apparently I am really into collages right now. But seriously, these are the books we get to read this year! I can't wait to start each one!

Everything that needed to be done was done in time, in spite of the destructive efforts of my children, the Revolt of ALL the Printers that I really could have done without, and the house showings that kept making us clean up and leave when we were home. Actually, we were really glad to have those, and they pushed us to keep everything nice and not littered with lesson plan papers. Plus we got more work done at school because we couldn't really go anywhere else!

And then yesterday morning came and even though it was extra busy, it felt like a big sigh of relief. Everything is back to normal! 

Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, so you KNOW it's a special occasion! 

My new homeroom group of seventh and eight graders, who were largely suspicious of me until I bribed them with homemade muffins. Baked goods are an integral component of my educational methods. 

I spent the day chatting about my syllabus and reading The Last Leaf aloud, and it was kind of a fantastic start to the year! 

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