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Friday, September 26, 2014

My guys are up and out early this morning, headed off to their first Green Cord service project at a food bank. I'm so happy that we have a service program at Flint now! And that so many of the students signed up for it! It didn't take much convincing to get the boys on board, just pointing out that all of their playground demolition and other various work at the school during the summer would count retroactively, and this will look so nice and official on college applications.

It's really not cool enough yet, but I took one of my classes outside to read on the new gazebo the other day. I love reading outside, and I've had my eye on that gazebo ever since they installed it. I've decided that I have to take classes out there often enough that it's a normal occurrence, not OH WOW CLASS OUTSIDE! THAT MEANS WE'RE NOT REALLY GOING TO DO MUCH! Which they only did for the first five minutes or so, but I think we can cut that down with regular practice.

Have I mentioned that I store most of the costumes in the art room? This is the daily result of that. Also, learning is serious business to be taken very seriously.

The school had a spirit night spaghetti dinner last night, which was SO much fun! Because of the girls' dance class after school I couldn't get there until after the main rush was already over, but it was nice to hang out in the kitchen and serve a few plates between conversations.

think my babies had fun, too, running amok with the big kids all evening. Possibly.

Avalon spent at least five minutes explaining to her sisters why everything sounds funny in the bathroom at the gym. Because there isn't any furniture in here, and that makes the room have a gecko, says she. It was so cute that I almost didn't want to tell her the right word. But it's better to not let any wrong information sink in that particular little head...once an idea is in there it becomes UNASSAILABLE FACT. Have you ever heard of the Medes? The Persians? Weaklings.

I just combined a Princess Bride quote with an ancient history reference to talk about how my five year old was in danger of forever confusing terms for sounds and lizards. I think it's time to back away from the keyboard now and maybe re-examine my life. Or just go write lesson plans, whatever!

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  1. Class outside is the best! Everything outside is better, unless there are mosquitos.


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