Highlighting the Happiness

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Looking through the pictures on my phone from JUST the past week and a half, I have come to the not-at-all startling realization that...we are kind of a silly bunch. We might be a little ridiculous, actually.
We maybe enjoy this life together a lot.

Like, almost all of the time.

Some of the girls declared yesterday to be 80's/Tacky day at school. No one was really surprised that they convinced some of the boys to share their costumes by the end of the day...

This is what I get when I ask for "dance poses"...

First day of basketball and there's the coach, wearing a Batman shirt and holding a mostly-naked baby while he runs everything.
(Because I totally forgot to pack a change of clothes for Phoebe, and she had an explosive diaper issue at the end of the day and Gigi had to leave so I handed the baby off to Aaron while I packed up the big girls' backpacks, and he just went with it because that's my man!)

I'm not silly, however. I am totally serious all of the time.
I am the Baking Warrior.


  1. That picture of Aaron holding the baby during basketball...priceless! As experienced as I thought I was as a mother, I forgot extra clothes all the time!


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