Quick Takes!

Friday, September 12, 2014

1. We had a surprise visit yesterday from a Flint alumnus, who also happens to be the very first of our boys. I'm so proud of him! And look at him here, with his beautiful WIFE and adorable BABY BOY! This makes my heart so happy!

As does that baby's chin, because it has a dimple and I've never seen a three week old with a chin dimple, and it's really too adorable for words.

2. He's going to be an amazing father, I know it. 
I think all of our guys will be...they get so much practice around here!

3. I think, I think we're finished adjusting to the school-year schedule again. Just in time to throw daily basketball practices back into the mix! (and dance class and staff meetings and webinars and various other after-school Things!) It wouldn't be bad, except Phoebe is in that phase where she's perfectly contented and wants only to play with her sisters...until I start cooking dinner. Then it's all pitiful wailing and lamenting and throwing herself at my ankles. Since Aaron and the boys don't get home until nearly seven o'clock now, I'm on my own with this one... but I can usually distract her with snacks and very loud kitchen dance parties.

4. And anyway, basketball! is back! Practices in the parking lot, because who needs a gym?
(we do, oh my goodness, if you happen to have a spare one just laying around somewhere!)

5. There's no way I can decide what my favorite part of being married to a coach is, but way high up on the list is getting to hear all about what happened at practices and games. For one thing, I'm nosy! But also I think it gives me more insight as a teacher, learning about their dynamics and reactions and attitudes in non-classroom challenges. 

6. Aaron and I have worked out a new plan of attack where I leave early on Fridays and spend the morning working at school, and he stays home with the girls and they all sleep in late and then go out for donuts. It gives me time to get all of my lessons taken care of early in the weekend, and he gets to spend some time with the girls after not seeing them as much all week. 

7. I'm about to go now and read through a great big stack of written narrations. Which I love doing, because even though we narrate and discuss so much during literature class, I never am quite sure how much the kids really retain until I read their written narrations for the week. Then I am almost always amazed at the details that they could recall! They wrote them in class yesterday and from what I was able to look over in between periods, they've nailed it. Score!


  1. #4 why my kids will not do hockey or be on the 'travel team".

  2. Thanks for linking up with us at Coffee and Conversation! Just had a look around your blog - and I love your story! Hope to see you again next week. :)


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