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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We'd had a pretty full day at school yesterday, and I was hesitant to commit to taking my babies to the volleyball game in the evening. We're all tired, and the kids are so sweaty and grimy, and what about dinner, that kind of thing. But they really wanted to go, and I love going to volleyball games because our girls have improved SO MUCH just in this season that it's crazy to watch.

So my little gym rats had their way and we spent the evening running back and forth to the ladies room watching the match and I was glad we came because I remembered -like I always do- that I love being there anytime our little school community is gathered together.

Students helping out with concessions. And do you see that referee stand over there? One of our high school boys WELDED it for us with his own two hands.  I'll never get over being impressed by that!

Since we ARE reading Rilla of Ingleside in most of my literature classes (because how can anyone's education be complete without at least a TASTE of Lucy Maud Montgomery, right?) we've been talking a lot about the dynamics of life in a little rural village in the early 20th century. It seems so far-removed from our experiences until we start comparing it with our own school. Then we realize that living in Glen St. Mary and going to Flint Academy are surprisingly really similar.

We have our own funny little village right here, and I'm so happy that my babies get to grow up in it.

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  1. As always: jealous. Down to the dancing girls and the Big Brother holding the baby. <3 miss you.


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