Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, September 15, 2014

We had such a great weekend! I've been struggling a little bit lately with my energy levels, probably just readjusting to not being able to take a half hour of down time during the girls' afternoon nap the way I was all summer. Contemplating my to-do list for the weekend, I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to get everything done. Or I could, but I shouldn't plan on sleeping ever. But last night I went to bed at a totally reasonable hour and realized that everything did get done after all. I'm still not sure how this happened. I think there might be some kind of warp in the space-time continuum around here. Probably in the kitchen.

On Friday I spent most of the day working at Flint, bouncing between my classroom and the art room. I had more lesson prep than usual, and I spent a good chunk of time making some signs and water bottle labels for the car wash fundraiser that the booster club had planned for Saturday.

The things that migrate home with me and end up being stored in my closet...

I also received a notice an hour in advance that we had a house showing, and poor Aaron had to disrupt his pajama-wearing, brunch-eating, movie-watching morning with the girls to clean up frantically and then throw everyone in the van and come hang out with me for an hour. I was amazed later at how clean everything looked, but it did smell very strongly of the sausages he had been cooking. It's probably not as bad as the surprise house showing we had right as I was in the middle of cleaning the oven the other week, when I couldn't get rid of that melted plastic-y stink to save my life, but it was pretty bad.

Saturday morning was supposed to be the car wash, but it ended up being way too chilly and rainy. So we called it off and all the kids came over to our house instead to play video games and warm up with hot chocolate. That didn't raise any funds, but it was a nice morning anyway!

Gigi had come over to watch the girls - they all had their traditional back-to-school colds and wouldn't have done well even at a car wash in seasonally expected weather- so when we came almost immediately back she stayed to chat for a while and then we drove out to see if they had poured the foundation on the New House yet. They had not, alas, but it's always interesting to look at the empty lot and try to envision a house there.

The girls felt pretty bad all day, and since there were big kids camped out in the living room, I set them up with movies in my bed, which was novel enough to keep them still long enough to recover a bit.

Later I made a big pot of chili and a batch of oatmeal cookies to celebrate the gorgeously cool weather. It might have ruined the car wash, but I love when it starts to cool off here! It was that perfect temperature where we could leave all of the windows open and the whole house smelled like Fall. So naturally no prospective buyers wanted to come look at it. They're waiting for it to smell funky again.

On Sunday I was determined that we would be ON TIME to church for once. Determined! But we were at least ten minutes late. I am going to figure this out. We can all get out the door and to a place by nine on school mornings, so it shouldn't be so difficult on Sunday! But it totally is.

Also, we don't all necessarily fit in my minivan. It's like a clown car, and you can't even SEE Lainey back there. Minivans aren't cool, I'm perfectly well aware, but I'm very much afraid that the Homeschool Mom Cargo Van lies lurking in my future. Mailboxes everywhere should probably start running for cover now.

After church (where we somehow picked up an additional teenager) Aaron took all the boys to a sports grill to watch football, since all we have at home is Netflix. I miss them, and I enjoy listening to the game (and listening to the guys react to the game, honestly) while I put laundry away and stuff, but it is kind of nice to not have everyone underfoot while I'm doing chores. The girls were feeling much better and they played outside until naptime. I finished all of the baking, but there was still a lot of cleaning that needed to be done, so after the guys got home Aaron took everyone to the park for an hour. You KNOW how much housework can be done in one empty-house hour! That's like four regular hours!

I made a massive amount of chicken tortilla soup for dinner and then the guys were off again to an open gym, so the girls and I got to snuggle and do manicures and watch a show before their bedtime. I finished off the evening by finally eating my own dinner and then wandering around the house wondering how I didn't have any tasks left to deal with. It was disorienting, but in a good way!

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