Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, September 22, 2014

I ought to have devoted a little time this weekend to hauling out my Fall storage tub (which is NOT to be confused with the Halloween storage tub OR the Halloween costume storage tub...I like storage tubs.) and at least putting up last year's Fall wreath so as to be ready to greet the first day of fall, but I never even thought of it until just now when I read a bunch of FIRST DAY OF FALL blog posts. Oops.

Maybe if it felt like Fall, I would have remembered. We had just that one chilly weekend that ruined the car wash thingy, and every day since has been scorchingly hot. I have not been amused. But the highs are only in the eighties this week, so maybe the autumnal is finally getting around to equinoxing and we will have some leaves changing color soon?

(That's totally how those words are meant to be used, so none of your sass now!)

Until then, we'll just keep wearing summer outfits and day-dreaming about boots and sweaters.

(Cruelly FORCED to play outdoors after church for half an hour instead of watching something awesome on Netflix. Obviously traumatized.)

We deliberately had a very slow-paced weekend, which is exactly what we needed. Aaron rented a bunch of random movies from RedBox, so... we watched a lot of random movies! He got the new(ish) Muppet movie for the kids, which they loved. I watched Gravity with him, totally against my will, but I was too lazy to get up. I had no desire to watch Gravity, which I knew would be a stressful she's-probably-not-going-to-die-floating-in-space-but-it'll-seem-like-the-only-possible-outcome-for-90%-of-the-movie kind of thing. (wow, that was a lot of dashes!) and it WAS and really, if I want to hear someone panic and hyperventilate for two hours, I can just listen to myself. I won't even need an astronaut suit or a certain-death situation!

There was a lot of baking, because there always is, and I'm getting better at multi-tasking a bunch of different recipes at once. If only the bottom rack didn't always scorch the back of everything and leave the front all goopy for a thousand years.

I made a lot of plans for upcoming Halloween costumes and Fall Fest costume contest costumes. And all manner of crafty fun. Hobby Lobby had a perfectly-timed sale on plain tote bags, feeding my growing dependence on totes! for all occasions! (it's getting nearly as out of control as my storage tub problem, to tell the truth) Last night I started making some monogrammed bags for the girls to take to church, but then got distracted and made a new dance bag for Lainey instead. She had a teeny tiny little bag that Avalon gave her for Christmas two years ago, but her feet have grown so much lately that her tap shoes don't actually fit in that bag anymore. So this happened:

I got a four-pack of those totes for something like six dollars. And clearly, I'm not capable of letting the other three continue to exist in their natural state for much longer. Just wait until the next evening where the kids are in bed and the guys are at an open gym!


  1. I love your craftiness! It's not something that I really think to do, but I appreciate people like you that come up with such cute stuff!

  2. That dance bag is the best! So cute! My husband and I took away TV this week because the kids would rather watch TV than do homework. Imagine that. They are clearly tortured just like your girls! Thank you so much for linking up to the Spin Cycle this week! :)

  3. 1. Forget the temperatures. When the barbecue hits the grill, it's fall in the Carolinas.

    2. I watched Gravity with my kids. We all kept waiting for something cool to happen. And then it did - the credits. "Is all she's going to do is float there??" One teenager grumbled. These kids root for the sharks during Shark Week, too.

    3. I need to invent a tote for women to store all their totes in.


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