Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, September 29, 2014

I don't have very many pictures from this weekend, and it's throwing me into a confusion right now. Usually I just dump all the random pictures from my phone into a post about the weekend and it just writes itself! Apparently I slacked off on the random picture-taking, and now I have to actually remember out of my brain what we did all weekend, and write words!

On Friday Aaron and I did responsible, boring things like cleaning and laundry and writing lesson plans and working and going to the bank and running errands... all day. To make up for that, and for the fact that it sometimes can seem like we only see each other long enough to high-five on the way out the door as we trade whose Got the Kids and whose Doing a Thing, we spent the evening snuggled up playing a co-op video game together. Because we're sophisticated and mature like that.

Saturday the big girls had a dance performance at Pantego Fest with their dance studio. It was so cute! I love that they are in a class together this year, especially since that means they both did the tap routine to Everything is Awesome. It was awesome! Considering dance classes have only been going for a few weeks, which really isn't much time to learn even a short little routine, I was really impressed. And look! Pictures!

Lainey is up front, right behind the speaker, and Avalon is directly behind her

I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of sock buns on these babies!

The rest of the festival was fun, too, although it was hot out there! I shoved my social anxiety aside long enough to go around to all of the craft booths and ask the vendors if they would be interested in setting up a booth at our school Fall Fest at the end of October. Everyone was really nice and positive about it, and I ended up with both a great big pile of business cards from interested people and a disproportionate sense of accomplishment.

Later, Gigi brought over some rugs and curtains to Extreme Makeover the boys' room so that it will stop scaring prospective buyers. She also brought a bunch of bread, and I made soup, and Aaron grilled chicken, and we fed the whole crew. Some of the boys have questions about salvation and sin and grace that Aaron has been trying to answer, but he wanted them to hear the way his dad explains it, so we all ended up in a very long after-dinner discussion on those topics. It's funny to me how things like this come up so naturally, without any need to force them, and the teens just dig in. Whereas if we did force them, I don't think the boys would hear it. Which is not really a criticism of regularly scheduled family devotions, but I'm never sure how to answer people when they ask if we do devo with our guys. Definitely yes, but there's no way I can predict when or where or what.

Sunday was exciting because we made our membership all official and everything at the church we have been visiting for a few months. That doesn't sound exciting, but I was excited! I was also social-anxiety-ified (totally a word) for the second time in the weekend, but I made it through!

The girls try to go with the boys to the teen Bible class...every. single. week.

Thwarted, yet again

Then I went home and cooked and baked a lot of things while the guys did their football-watching thing and then their open-gym thing, and it was so nice and peaceful. Bliss!

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  1. I loved it when my two girls were in dance class together! It was so fun to 1. have that hour to myself, and 2. have them dance the same routine!

    I'm very impressed that you asked around at all the booths! I've had to ask grocery stores for paper bag donations for a school/community project, and it was PAINFUL. Very social-anxiety-ified. Especially since I was rejected at one store and have only a maybe at another!


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