Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 31, 2014

1. In case you were wondering if we wear Halloween costumes to school (Hi! You must be new!) the answer is YES, DEFINITELY.

 I didn't get a picture of each of my classes in costume, but I got quite a few of them. What I love is how lots of the kids didn't dress up (because, teenagers!) but wished they had as soon as they saw everyone else in costume. My costume stash in the art room and Mr. Douglas' costume stash in the drama room were HEAVILY raided during the first period, until practically the entire upper school was in some form of costume.

2. Isn't there something lovely about a big group of teens feeling safe enough to go out of their comfort zones and wear silly costumes around their peers? It was one of those days at our school that looks frivolous and fun on the surface, but also shows what deep, real growth and learning is taking place.
Just ask Batman, he'll tell you!

3. Aaron traditionally wears his gorilla suit to school for Halloween, causing all manner of ridiculousness as you can imagine!

4. Trying to think of different costumes to co-ordinate with a 6'3 gorilla is my own personal challenge. This year I went with the Statue of Liberty. Which is not the Empire State Building, but together we do make you think of King Kong, right?

(He gets so sweaty in that costume! It is impossible to wear the whole thing for an entire school day!)

5. The girls had a field trip, so we decided they should just wear whatever they wanted out of our dress-up trunk to school. Avalon was LaLaLoopsie, Lainey was a cowgirl, and Phoebe was Little Red Riding Hood. Since we always do a lot of family themes and general matching, I thought it was nice for them to get a chance to make individual choices. And they were cute!

6. The boys looked pretty adorable in their costumes, too. I give you Prince, and (old school) Michael Jackson!

7. We topped the day off with a costume and pumpkin carving contest, and THEN had a fundraiser basketball game in the school parking lot. Aaron had the kids get people to sponsor them per point, and made two teams out of all the sponsored kids. My favorite part was that the parents could play too, and try to cover the kids they were sponsoring.

Or boost them up to the goal, whatever!
Aside from being a pretty successful fundraiser, it was such a happy game to watch. Everyone was having fun and cheering for everyone else, with players from the Jr. high, girls, JV and varsity teams all mixed up with parents. It was another beautiful glimpse of our little community.

It's Game Time!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And so it begins...
Our first game of the season was a scrimmage against Aaron's old high school, and it didn't technically "count" or anything, but that didn't stop us from being all in! 

Get Ready...


Get set...

Go Falcons!

Aaaaand basketball season is officially here! I couldn't take the girls to three back-to-back away games, but I hated to miss a chance to see the new teams get started, so I was very thankful that my mom didn't mind taking them for the afternoon and evening. 
Things I remembered during the first game, which was a very thrilling JV game:
  • I love watching basketball!
  • But I'm going to hyperventilate, this is TOO intense!
  • I really do need my stadium seat thingy, bleachers are no good.
  • Oh right, other coaches typically do yell at their players a lot.
  • Aaron is unnaturally calm. Preternaturally calm. He's really calm.
  • I'm not calm at all, I'm not going to have any voice for the majority of the season.
  • I love watching basketball! Our guys are so awesome!

I was able to enjoy the JV and girls games more, because really early on in the varsity game one of our guys got hurt and had to be taken to the ER. Which is the other thing I remembered last night...the worrying and praying and that sickening oh no feeling. But he should be okay, thank goodness! 

Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, October 27, 2014

 All I have time for this morning is a photo-dump of All the Festivals, because a house inspector is coming and we have to be out of his way super early so he can inspect the house because things are Moving Forward in a Positive-Type Direction, which means I am experiencing Feelings of Guarded Delight!
Which is okay, because there's not much to SAY about Fall festivals anyway. It's the pictures that are the point.

Flint Academy's Fall Festival on Saturday:

(My sock-hop girl and my nurse, digging away with Indiana Jones at an archaeological site)

(Cake walk with GiGi!)

(Mama and Rosie the Riveter can DO it!)

(the Scotsman and the...what are you supposed to be? I don't know. 40's style for the 20th century theme and green because I had the Irish booth. I'm ambiance, okay?)

Aaron's country was Scotland and he had the dunk tank, soooooo we naturally went there with the kilts and the plaid...

 (No, seriously, I just threw all of the plaid things from the costume room into a bag and the guys were not shy about kilting it up!)

North Davis Church of Christ Fall Festival on Sunday:

Aaron had found tattoo sleeves at the Dollar Tree earlier, and Avalon didn't want to take hers off to put on her tutu (Sunday's costumes were my shot at re-using all of the recital outfits we have hanging around here) so we went with it. Tough ballerinas for the win!

 (riding on Daddy's shoulders and providing him with some shade!)

 (Lainey conquered her bounce-house meltdowns last night! Not one tear was shed!)


Quick Takes

Friday, October 24, 2014

1. Flint's Fall Fest is tomorrooooooooow! It's going to be awesome. The theme this year is the World's Fair, and we added a bunch of craft and boutique vendors, and the raffle prize baskets are amazing.

There are Cowboys tickets in there, I'm just saying. 

2. You should come! There will totally be pony rides and a dunk tank and a cake walk and activity booths from around the world and it will all be completely amazing!

3. My class has the Ireland booth, which explains why my classroom is now COVERED in green and gold glitter. Permanently and forever, as far as I can tell.

4. My students had an in-class writing assignment yesterday, so I sat at my table and worked on Fall Fest projects while they wrote. Number of times I heard "Hey, Mrs. H., it's kinda early for St. Patrick's Day isn't it?": eighty seven. At least.

5. We got to the sad chapter in Rilla this week, and I was hard pressed to conceal my delight when each class sniffled and asked for tissues and demanded WHYYYYY?
It's not exactly that I live to upset students, but it fills my soul with hope whenever a book breaks into that numb, desensitized barrier that so many of them are carrying around.

6. Someone made an offer on our house and we made a counter-offer and now it's all wait and see if they take the counter-offer or run away in disgust. Do you like how I made it almost to the end without mentioning this, because I feel like if I mention it, it won't work out? But I can't NOT mention it because it's really taking up a huge portion of my brain and I can't think of much else. I can't say that I love waiting and seeing.

7. Waiting and seeing kind of makes the inside of my head go like this:

(That's an exact, scientific representation of my current thought processes...)

Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, October 20, 2014

Writing a blog post, painting my nails, drinking coffee, and mentally girding my loins for the very busy next two weeks. It's on!

It seems like most of the weekend was dominated by Halloween costume acquisition. Because, you know, there's a lot of us? And we really like dressing up? And I love any excuse for festivity? And we have FOUR things to dress up for this year?

(Those are all punctuated with question marks because I am QUESTIONING MY SANITY)

Actually, it's not that bad. A few years ago making and/or finding 21 costumes in one weekend would have seemed like this Herculean task, but after a couple of school plays it seemed kind of...easy. And fun! (Go ahead and question that sanity along with me!) Besides I had most of this stuff already, and I feel pretty comfortable with borrowing stuff from my crazy hoarder-style stash of costumes at school, so I barely needed to buy anything. Which would have been an actual Herculean task!

I'm practically finished now, and here's a sneak peek...Avalon's costume for the Flint Fall Fest, which has a 20th century-themed costume contest this year. She wanted to be a nurse, and when I asked if she could be a sailor instead (since I already HAD a sailor dress in her size) she did the thing where she very solemnly nodded and sighed and said, "Oh, okay Mama. I really wanted to be a nurse, but I can be a sailor girl." and then gazed off into middle distance, contemplating her great sacrifice. If she had thrown a fit or been snotty about it, it would have been a sailor, end of story. But with an attitude like that...I made a nurse costume. Stinker.

(Child-sized apron from Hobby Lobby, some red felt, one of my old button-up shirts with the sleeves cut off and the cuffs re-attached. Fifteen minutes, tops. Totally worth rewarding a good attitude, in my opinion!)

Aside from costume hunting, gathering, organizing, and sewing, we also squeezed in a pool party and cook-out for the varsity boys. And a fairly intensive bout of housecleaning for a showing -one with actual positive feedback!- and a morning of basketball, and all the regular weekend chores, and a wonderful surprise visit from one of our college boys. It was a pretty fantastic weekend!

Now my nails are dry, my post is written, my coffee has kicked in, and I'm ready to go take care of business!

Thank Goodness for Long Weekends!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We had Monday off, which gave us a FOUR day weekend, and it was glorious. I've been feeling a little -consumed would be the overly-dramatic word that comes to mind here- with work, and like I don't get to spend enough time enjoying my darlings. I spend lots of time taking care of them, but that's not exactly the same thing. So this wonderful long weekend was just what we needed. We got to do fun things together, like getting milkshakes and driving out to see the progress on the new house and taking silly minivan selfies...

And stage pictures just to try and sell (really amazing!) raffle tickets...

And make chili and have a game night where Gigi FINALLY wins...

And finish up the embroidery on those church totes I've been making for the girls...

And have very lady-like little picnics with our snacks...

And very un-lady-like dirt digging projects in our church clothes...

And read a lot of books...

And do lots of cooking and baking like usual, but together, with lots of help...

And get some very overdue well check-ups taken care of...

It's funny what a big difference an extra day off can make. I didn't have to rush as much through my marathon of weekend tasks, and I think the girls picked up on that and in turn they had much happier attitudes than usual. It was lovely!
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