Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 31, 2014

1. In case you were wondering if we wear Halloween costumes to school (Hi! You must be new!) the answer is YES, DEFINITELY.

 I didn't get a picture of each of my classes in costume, but I got quite a few of them. What I love is how lots of the kids didn't dress up (because, teenagers!) but wished they had as soon as they saw everyone else in costume. My costume stash in the art room and Mr. Douglas' costume stash in the drama room were HEAVILY raided during the first period, until practically the entire upper school was in some form of costume.

2. Isn't there something lovely about a big group of teens feeling safe enough to go out of their comfort zones and wear silly costumes around their peers? It was one of those days at our school that looks frivolous and fun on the surface, but also shows what deep, real growth and learning is taking place.
Just ask Batman, he'll tell you!

3. Aaron traditionally wears his gorilla suit to school for Halloween, causing all manner of ridiculousness as you can imagine!

4. Trying to think of different costumes to co-ordinate with a 6'3 gorilla is my own personal challenge. This year I went with the Statue of Liberty. Which is not the Empire State Building, but together we do make you think of King Kong, right?

(He gets so sweaty in that costume! It is impossible to wear the whole thing for an entire school day!)

5. The girls had a field trip, so we decided they should just wear whatever they wanted out of our dress-up trunk to school. Avalon was LaLaLoopsie, Lainey was a cowgirl, and Phoebe was Little Red Riding Hood. Since we always do a lot of family themes and general matching, I thought it was nice for them to get a chance to make individual choices. And they were cute!

6. The boys looked pretty adorable in their costumes, too. I give you Prince, and (old school) Michael Jackson!

7. We topped the day off with a costume and pumpkin carving contest, and THEN had a fundraiser basketball game in the school parking lot. Aaron had the kids get people to sponsor them per point, and made two teams out of all the sponsored kids. My favorite part was that the parents could play too, and try to cover the kids they were sponsoring.

Or boost them up to the goal, whatever!
Aside from being a pretty successful fundraiser, it was such a happy game to watch. Everyone was having fun and cheering for everyone else, with players from the Jr. high, girls, JV and varsity teams all mixed up with parents. It was another beautiful glimpse of our little community.

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