(Late!) Weekend Wrap-Up

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

(a very late weekend wrap-up because I was super-crazy-busy all day long yesterday, and also maybe because I slept through my alarm and my allotted blogging time yesterday morning)

I did my usual Friday morning thing working in my classroom, and then did some thrift store shopping with my mom. When I got home I was greeted by this adorable clean-up crew, hard at work on all the storm debris! Aaron had taken them out for brunch and then put them to work.

And later he and Avalon grilled steaks and portobello mushrooms and asparagus for dinner. He's a keeper all right!
No one has ever taken a job so seriously as Avalon is taking this Holding of the Plate assignment

On Saturday we took care of the gardening together. Do you see what I mean when I say that my tomato vines were completely out of control? 

But do you know what I miraculously found beneath all that mess? LIVE MUMS. From last year. WITH buds. I don't know how anything grew underneath this monster, let alone a mum in my possession, but these did!
We got it all uprooted and planted and mulched and swept up in record time, because teamwork! It looks much more respectable now.

To make sure the children were really and truly worn out, we also decided to do a whole family grocery shopping trip after nap time. Mission accomplished.

(Sidenote: I just realized that this is the third picture in this post featuring Aaron's disembodied arm. Is that the dad version of Invisible Mom Syndrome? Hmmm.)

Sunday was packed full with church and baking and a fun little cook-out at a park in the evening. I really think that church was the only time I sat down all day! The only picture I have is from Sunday night, after the kids were finally in bed and the guys were at open gym, and I was able to start cooking a big batch of curry for my students.

Which I was ONLY able to do because my mom doesn't think twice when I call her at nine o'clock in the evening, saying that I thought I had curry powder in my cabinet, but apparently I've used it up and the girls are in bed and Aaron is gone and I really need curry powder now because if I have to wait for him to get home then I won't be able to start cooking until like eleven thirty and that will make me too tired to contemplate. This is not even close to being the first Random Ingredient Emergency that I have called her with. You would think I would start checking my cabinets a little better!

(I'm totally going to explain why I was making curry for my students. Tomorrow. I have to stop blogging RIGHT THIS MINUTE or else we will be running catastrophically behind all morning!)


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