Quick Takes, Storm Edition

Friday, October 3, 2014

1. So it may finally be cooling off a little bit around here - it just took a very big storm to start the process. One minute I was all, "Hey babe, this weather app says there's an 80 percent chance of rain, do you think you should cancel practice?" and he was all, "No big deal. We can just work out at the Maverick if it rains." The next minute I was all, "Wow, the wind is blowing so hard I can't even get the door open - oh hey, there goes a rocking chair!"

2. 70 to 80 mph wind is pretty windy! Combined with lots of rain and hail, it makes for quite a storm! I had been about to get the girls changed for dance class, but there was no way I was taking them out in that mess. Instead we hung out in my classroom and waited for the worst of it to die down. I could have let them keep playing with their friends in after-care, but that whole mama bear thing took over and I NEEDED us all to be together in case the roof blew off or something. Which actually did happen to a few buildings around town, so I'm not completely crazy. Anyway, we had fun!

3. When we got home there were branches strewn all over the place, but no real damage, thank goodness. I unlocked the door and Avalon ran in ahead of everyone while we were unloading all of our bags. She ran back out and said, oh-so-dramatically, "YOU GUYS. This is REALLY BAD. Our LIGHTS are all BROKEN!" "Uh-oh, our power must be down." said Aaron. "Do you know what this means?" I demanded (oh-so-dramatically). "I don't have to make dinner!"
Just call me lazy Pollyanna, I guess.

Just around the corner from our house, so no wonder our power was out!
4. We dug out candles and flashlights, and Aaron and the boys drove around for a while, trying unsuccessfully to find a drive-through that had electricity. So the kids feasted on peanut butter crackers and applesauce and string cheese, by candle light, and it was a FANCY picnic.

5. "This is the life." Declared Bernachi, gesturing grandly around at us all, gathered up so cozy. "It's peaceful, right?" I agreed. "Yep. It ought to always be like this." The power flickered back on. "NO! Go back off!" He protested. The power shut off again.
Watch out for that kid. He may have actual superpowers. It was awfully peaceful, though.

6. The electricity eventually came back on and Bernachi allowed it to stay on, saving me from that awful power-outage dilemma of putting the children to bed in dark rooms without nightlights and they're SCARED and they want a CANDLE and there is no candle scenario I can imagine that doesn't end badly. So badly.

7. Tearing out the old summer vines and things from my garden and putting in fall plants has been on my to-do list for a few weekends now, and I'm glad I procrastinated because the wind really trashed all the plants that were out there. Now I really need to tend to the garden, and I'm stuck with my annual struggle...it's fall, I naturally want mums, but they always die SO FAST on me. No matter what I do. It's like a curse! But I can't resist buying the poor, doomed things and telling myself that THIS will be the year that I keep them alive longer than five minutes. It never is, but that doesn't stop me. I'm about to go work in my classroom, and the school is RIGHT next to Green's Produce...I'm going to try very hard to stay away, but...it's fall. We need mums. We just do. I will TOTALLY keep them alive this time!

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  1. That is a crazy storm! I'm glad you didn't have any more serious damage for you, but it looks like plenty of people did.


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