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Friday, October 24, 2014

1. Flint's Fall Fest is tomorrooooooooow! It's going to be awesome. The theme this year is the World's Fair, and we added a bunch of craft and boutique vendors, and the raffle prize baskets are amazing.

There are Cowboys tickets in there, I'm just saying. 

2. You should come! There will totally be pony rides and a dunk tank and a cake walk and activity booths from around the world and it will all be completely amazing!

3. My class has the Ireland booth, which explains why my classroom is now COVERED in green and gold glitter. Permanently and forever, as far as I can tell.

4. My students had an in-class writing assignment yesterday, so I sat at my table and worked on Fall Fest projects while they wrote. Number of times I heard "Hey, Mrs. H., it's kinda early for St. Patrick's Day isn't it?": eighty seven. At least.

5. We got to the sad chapter in Rilla this week, and I was hard pressed to conceal my delight when each class sniffled and asked for tissues and demanded WHYYYYY?
It's not exactly that I live to upset students, but it fills my soul with hope whenever a book breaks into that numb, desensitized barrier that so many of them are carrying around.

6. Someone made an offer on our house and we made a counter-offer and now it's all wait and see if they take the counter-offer or run away in disgust. Do you like how I made it almost to the end without mentioning this, because I feel like if I mention it, it won't work out? But I can't NOT mention it because it's really taking up a huge portion of my brain and I can't think of much else. I can't say that I love waiting and seeing.

7. Waiting and seeing kind of makes the inside of my head go like this:

(That's an exact, scientific representation of my current thought processes...)

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  1. I hope the Fall Fest was wonderful, and good luck on the house news! Waiting and seeing is really, really no fun.


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