Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, October 20, 2014

Writing a blog post, painting my nails, drinking coffee, and mentally girding my loins for the very busy next two weeks. It's on!

It seems like most of the weekend was dominated by Halloween costume acquisition. Because, you know, there's a lot of us? And we really like dressing up? And I love any excuse for festivity? And we have FOUR things to dress up for this year?

(Those are all punctuated with question marks because I am QUESTIONING MY SANITY)

Actually, it's not that bad. A few years ago making and/or finding 21 costumes in one weekend would have seemed like this Herculean task, but after a couple of school plays it seemed kind of...easy. And fun! (Go ahead and question that sanity along with me!) Besides I had most of this stuff already, and I feel pretty comfortable with borrowing stuff from my crazy hoarder-style stash of costumes at school, so I barely needed to buy anything. Which would have been an actual Herculean task!

I'm practically finished now, and here's a sneak peek...Avalon's costume for the Flint Fall Fest, which has a 20th century-themed costume contest this year. She wanted to be a nurse, and when I asked if she could be a sailor instead (since I already HAD a sailor dress in her size) she did the thing where she very solemnly nodded and sighed and said, "Oh, okay Mama. I really wanted to be a nurse, but I can be a sailor girl." and then gazed off into middle distance, contemplating her great sacrifice. If she had thrown a fit or been snotty about it, it would have been a sailor, end of story. But with an attitude like that...I made a nurse costume. Stinker.

(Child-sized apron from Hobby Lobby, some red felt, one of my old button-up shirts with the sleeves cut off and the cuffs re-attached. Fifteen minutes, tops. Totally worth rewarding a good attitude, in my opinion!)

Aside from costume hunting, gathering, organizing, and sewing, we also squeezed in a pool party and cook-out for the varsity boys. And a fairly intensive bout of housecleaning for a showing -one with actual positive feedback!- and a morning of basketball, and all the regular weekend chores, and a wonderful surprise visit from one of our college boys. It was a pretty fantastic weekend!

Now my nails are dry, my post is written, my coffee has kicked in, and I'm ready to go take care of business!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are going to have a fun two weeks, even if it's busy!


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