Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, October 27, 2014

 All I have time for this morning is a photo-dump of All the Festivals, because a house inspector is coming and we have to be out of his way super early so he can inspect the house because things are Moving Forward in a Positive-Type Direction, which means I am experiencing Feelings of Guarded Delight!
Which is okay, because there's not much to SAY about Fall festivals anyway. It's the pictures that are the point.

Flint Academy's Fall Festival on Saturday:

(My sock-hop girl and my nurse, digging away with Indiana Jones at an archaeological site)

(Cake walk with GiGi!)

(Mama and Rosie the Riveter can DO it!)

(the Scotsman and the...what are you supposed to be? I don't know. 40's style for the 20th century theme and green because I had the Irish booth. I'm ambiance, okay?)

Aaron's country was Scotland and he had the dunk tank, soooooo we naturally went there with the kilts and the plaid...

 (No, seriously, I just threw all of the plaid things from the costume room into a bag and the guys were not shy about kilting it up!)

North Davis Church of Christ Fall Festival on Sunday:

Aaron had found tattoo sleeves at the Dollar Tree earlier, and Avalon didn't want to take hers off to put on her tutu (Sunday's costumes were my shot at re-using all of the recital outfits we have hanging around here) so we went with it. Tough ballerinas for the win!

 (riding on Daddy's shoulders and providing him with some shade!)

 (Lainey conquered her bounce-house meltdowns last night! Not one tear was shed!)


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