San Antonio Trip

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The San Antonio tournament was last weekend and it has taken me nearly this entire school week to get somewhat caught up. Extra emphasis on the somewhat. And just in time to spend Thanksgiving break plunging into untold levels of complete and utter chaos! Our closing date is less than a month away, so it's time to pack and all of that. The real challenge is that we have to convert the garage back into a garage ASAP (because of...reasons? The buyer's appraiser needs to see it re-garage-ified for their loan? Something like that.) which means that I have to figure out where to put the boys and all their stuff until we move. This whole process makes my brain hurt. Which translates into stress nightmares and/or lying awake in the middle of the night worrying terribly over nearly every student in the upper school. I'm not exactly what you would call "good" with "problems".

BUT the San Antonio tournament was pretty fantastic! And I refuse to be thwarted in blogging about it just because I didn't bother to get around to it in a timely manner and I can't stop composing admittedly obsessive checklists!

Aaron had the brilliant idea of renting a vacation house in San Antonio instead of a bunch of motel rooms. It cost the same (maybe even a little less) but was much nicer, and we didn't have to worry about room checks or shenanigans. Everyone was together all weekend ("This is SO GOOD for building team chemistry!" quoth the Coach) and they didn't have to spend as much money on fast food because I was able to cook a lot of the meals at the house. It was genius, all around.

(I'm not sure what it says about my life that cooking, picking up after, and washing jerseys for a dozen boys was the most restful, relaxing weekend I've had in a very long time, but it was.)

Aaron likes to put us in lots of tournaments early on because it helps him fine tune the team and see what issues need to be addressed before the district games start. We had our ups and our downs, but placed fourth in the tournament, with one of my babies getting First Team All-Tournament!

So we figured out some things to work on, got to see lots of progress from last year, and created lots and lots of camaraderie. The boys also: visited the Alamo and learned some stuff (haha! Surprise educational experience!), had a lot of  impromptu rap battles in public places, ate a lot, stayed up too late playing video games, learned how to play Apples to Apples, kicked some serious butt on the court, and explored ways to handle adversity. I was awfully proud of them!

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