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Friday, December 5, 2014

Aaron and the boys had a VERY FAR AWAY game (pretty much in Houston) yesterday and didn't get home until after two in the morning. But that didn't stop the boys from rolling right back out of bed at eight-thirty to go to their (completely optional) volunteer service day. I'm awfully proud of them!

I keep thinking, this past week, how lucky I am to have Phoebe at school with the rest of us. Usually I have this undercurrent of angst that I'm not staying at home with my baby (more accurately that I can't) but lately I've been feeling a lot more gratitude. Since staying at home never is an option, this is pretty ideal. It really doesn't get much better than having GiGi's nursery on-campus! We're all in the same building all day, and Kim lets her walk down the hallways to visit my classroom at least once a morning. And a school is such an interesting place for a toddler to explore!

At least, our school is. I guess you might not run the risk of encountering a giant tortoise roaming the halls at just any school.

She was less than pleased, however, when the fire alarm interrupted her nap this week. I think we all had this expression.

Yesterday Avalon and Lainey's class went caroling through the upper school, knocking on each door to ask if there was room in the inn, and we had to turn them away. Which was of course Biblically accurate and wonderfully educational, but...they were all so adorable, singing so sweetly and softly, it was VERY hard to tell them to go away!

(OF COURSE there is room in my inn! For all of you cuties!)

I have a delightful basket of books to go through this weekend, books to give as Christmas presents to the upper school students. We do this every year, so I know perfectly well how long it's going to take me to get just the right book lined up with just the right kid, and I ought to have used my peaceful evening while all the guys were gone last night to work on it. Or work on designing the photo calendar I make every year. Or doing some online shopping. Or figured out how to take a family picture for this year's Christmas card when all of the Christmas decorations are packed away. Something productive. Instead I ate popcorn and multi-tasked re-reading The Help for the tenth time and watching incredibly cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix. I think I had temporarily lost the will to even!

And now to get my sleepyhead girls up so we can bake a cake, an activity I promised they could help with if they went to sleep without chattering and squabbling for all of eternity last night. Of all the incentives I can think of, helping bake a cake is by far the most effective. Maybe we'll even finish up the laundry and the other chores in time to work on the teacher gifts they're going to make. Which I am determined will not occur to me at ten o'clock the night before break starts this year!

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  1. Your school really is awesome! I love hearing that something like it even exists anywhere. You know, sometimes you have to read and watch the cheesy Christmas movies; 'tis the season!

    1. I hope someday there are more schools like it!
      I can't help myself with the Christmas movies...I know they're cheesy and ridiculous, but I binge on them every year!

  2. The school looks awesome. I would LOVE to see a giant tortoise.


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