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Friday, December 12, 2014

Fall semester is now officially over, and it went by blindingly fast. Which makes me a little sad because Fall semester is my favorite. Except for Spring semester, which is also my favorite. But still.

It was a really good semester, all told. The seventh and eight graders read Surviving the Applewhites and Where the Red Fern Grows (because we go through this four year cycle, so they have to read different books than the rest of the upper school or else they would repeat a year of the cycle their senior year. Which, actually, could be amazing, and I could write a whole long thing about why I love revisiting books, but this way I get to introduce them to MORE wonderful books. So I like it.) and we even had juuuuuust enough time to watch the movie of Red Fern and stuff our faces with popcorn on Wednesday. I love it when a book ends right at the end of the semester! Symmetry!

My other classes have finished Rilla of Ingleside and are a quarter of the way into To Kill a Mockingbird. They have taken every opportunity to point out to me that THEY haven't watched any movies or enjoyed any book feasts yet. (It's completely true. I've never found a movie of Rilla and I'm just too lazy to look up World War I Canadian ration recipes.) Will we AT LEAST get to watch a movie of To Kill a Mockingbird??
Oh yes, yes we will. I've introduced Atticus to them as one of the top ten Dreamy Book Crushes/Fictional Men to Imitate, and nothing is going to keep us from seeing him represented by Gregory Peck. Nothing.

We also got a LOT of new students enrolling all through this semester, which is a little unusual. Ordinarily we would get a few transfers right at the beginning of the school year, and a few during Christmas break. This year it's been more like a steady trickle of new people who encourage their friends who bring along their cousins. It's wonderful! A bit of culture shock for them those first few days, but wonderful. This is the biggest the upper school has been...ever, I think. The maximum class size at Flint is 12 students, but we usually spread it out so there are even less. I have two completely full classes now and I had to laugh when the kids were disoriented by that. "All your desks are full, Mrs. H., there's so many people in here! I don't know...this is weird!"

Weren't you at public school last year, honey, with like forty people in each class? Weird might be relative.

Yesterday we took the entire upper school and a good portion of the grammar school classes to see A Christmas Carol at the Dallas Theater Center. They were all beautifully behaved and the production was INSANELY GOOD. Caps lock totally required there, I'm not exaggerating. It. Was. Awesome. Go see it!
The youngest grades didn't go, because it's a little intense and recommended for eight and ups, but rebel that I am, I hauled Avalon and Lainey along. They know the story too well to be frightened of the ghosts. Lainey, who is the more timid of my darlings, turned to me when Marley burst through the set, and said calmly, "That is just a man dressed up like a ghosts."

At the very end the cast was all dancing around the stage playing instruments and singing, and since we were sitting in the front row, the actor playing Scrooge noticed Avalon as he came towards her. He grinned and said, "Hi there!" and just about made her head explode. He'll never know how close he came to having an awe-struck five year old jump up and follow him around the stage.

After the play we had our Christmas party for the upper school, which always includes a gift exchange game. We realized that next year we'll need to split into two groups for this, because that was a LOT of people playing! But so much fun! The parties for the kids are totally worth the very literal headaches.

And that was it, our last day of normalcy for a long while, I think. As I was getting dressed yesterday morning (in a terrible hurry because some workers were coming to install a shower door in our bathroom that the buyers requested we install) I kept thinking, this is the last time we'll go to school from this house. And I love my little house. If it wasn't too small to fit all these people, I don't know if I'd ever want to move. It had me all,



  1. Oh yes, Gregory Peck. I actually wanted to name our little one Atticus, but alas, I think we're going to settle for something more traditional. Bah humbug.

  2. I love A Christmas Carol! I try to read it every year, but haven't yet. I'm glad the girls got a chance to enjoy it with you!


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