Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, December 8, 2014

This weekend was full of things to do...packing (because if all goes to plan it is ONE WEEK AND COUNTING until the move, people!) and also Christmas-type things for school because this is the last week before break, so Thursday is School Christmas.
Luckily I had some fairly delightful helpers.

Friday was beautiful and warm, so they played outside a lot, and then helped me bake a cake and we visited the Christkindle Market in the evening. Where Avalon suddenly realized that it is the deepest desire of her heart to own a Marionette. We're reading Pinnochio as our bedtime chapter book right now, which ought to be enough to prevent anyone from EVER wanting one, but the Marionette longhorn at the market was pretty enchanting. AND MAMA, THEY HAVE A UNICORN ONE! She was quite angsty that she hadn't known to put this in her letter to Santa, and didn't enjoy the market as much after that.
(commence Operation Find a Marionette But-Not-a-Peron-Marionette-Because-CREEPY)

On Saturday the girls all went to stay with GiGi for most of the day so Aaron and I could get Serious Work accomplished. Our master bedroom and bathroom and closet were the last remnants of Unpacked Territory, and it was hostile terrain. We found ourselves buried in an avalanche of clothes from high school and college, held onto for reasons unknown. That kind of thing. But it's done! It's over! It's SIX enormous trash bags overflowing out of one of those Salvation Army parking lot donation thingies! Ack.

Sunday was more of the same, except with the girls underfoot and a few breaks for some Christmas projects for school. Avalon and Lainey made sugar scrub as gifts for their various teachers. Considering that I rarely bake with sugar anymore, there were a lot of random half-full bags of it in my cabinets, so win! We decided on three different "flavors" based on what else was lurking in the cabinet...peppermint mocha, vanilla brown sugar, and lemongrass rosemary. If I had had an extra jar handy, I totally would have made an extra batch of the lemongrass rosemary for myself, because YUM.

Later Aaron took Lainey and Phoebe to the grocery store (brave, brave man that he is) and Avalon chose to stay home and help me. I am so unused to having a child who is old enough to actually be helpful, but I think I could get used to it! She wants to help out all the time and is DELIGHTED whenever I have a job or a project for her. She wrapped all of their breakable play dishes up in dress-up clothes and packed them away in the dress-up trunk, all ready to go to the storage unit and one less thing for me to do, hurrah! Then she helped me wrap all my presents for the upper school students while we watched White Christmas.

She LOVED White Christmas, especially the dancing and the Sisters song. I didn't anticipate having to explain the whole entire concept of war to my five year old because of a Christmas movie, but that happened. We had a good talk, and then I let her sample one of the blue candy canes because hey! Let's not delve too deeply into this yet! Look at this thing over here!

This whole post is kind of turning out to be Spotlight on Avalon, I know, but I have to state for the record that she really liked the blue candy cane and yet VOLUNTARILY saved half of it for Lainey to try when she got back from grocery shopping. AND when I couldn't remember whose turn it was to pick the bedtime song last night (usually a highly regulated and hotly disputed subject) she promptly offered the choice to Lainey. She's just...really hitting her stride lately, I think. I love, love, love who she is!


  1. Aww...all your girls are too precious. And the fact that they're growing up to be such generous little ladies is a testament to their Mom and Dad! :)

  2. You'll have to share your recipes for sugar scrubs.

  3. A. is too sweet! But she has a great example in her mama. Can I just say that I'm getting a little stressed for you? I mean, your move is exciting and awesome and that's great, but I get a little stressed and Christmas and a lot stressed with moving, so putting the two together is a lot of awesomeness and, um, stress! Seriously, though, I think you've got it handled. Not just by yourself, but you've got great help!

  4. Sweet sweet girls! Love it. AND as a bonus I have the sisters sing stuck in my head. New you can feel extra accomplished


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