Long Weekend Wrap-Up

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Having Monday off when we already have Fridays off anyway makes for a LONG weekend! More weekend than school week! That might sound a bit excessive, but I promise we used up every bit of the time.

Friday morning the girls had a pediatrician appointment first thing, and then I hit Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree hard. Last week I did an overview of the upcoming six or so weeks and realized that yet again I have a crazy amount of Things coming up and I was going to need to be super prepared in advance if I wanted to survive. And can I just say how much I love Dollar Tree? It's underrated and not cute, but I'm not sure how I would take care of everything without it! By the time I got through the check-out my cart was in layers of the different projects I have going on...it was like an archaeological excavation. Valentine's Day supplies (for my students, for the girls to pass out to their class, to fill up the Valentine's bags I make for my little girls and big boys...), really random things I needed for costumes for the upcoming lower school play, snacks and drinks and candy for treats for the varsity, ribbons and bags and cellophane to package up the treats...and I could afford it all because Dollar Tree! 

I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and dealing with Unexpected Teen Drama (which really, I tend to expect at this point in time), and then that evening I took the girls to the basketball game.

Saturday morning Kim and I left Aaron in charge of the girls and we went to IKEA (for the THIRD time since we've moved) to get new dining room chairs and curtains. Later I went to some thrift stores and managed to find all of the pieces I needed for the lower school play. (We've never had a lower school play before, and I'm so excited about it! We're doing Charlie Brown and I get to start on those costumes TODAY!) And some that I really didn't need...that I could have happily gone for all of eternity without seeing...

Picture Title: Sorry I Have to Kill You, My Sweater Told Me To

He's knitted and appliqued on there. And those balloons are pom-poms. It's too terrifying! I considered buying it just because it was so awful, but I wasn't brave enough. I think I might have angered it just by holding it up for that picture. 

We also knocked out the grocery shopping and later I managed to package up all the varsity treats for the rest of the scheduled basketball games. We don't get the play-off schedule yet, but I'm covered until that starts, at least!

Sunday we made it to church because see, we are getting back to normal life. We ARE!

And then I threw together a low country boil for lunch as soon as we got home, because Aaron had decided at the grocery store the night before that he NEEDED some seafood. It made for kind of a late lunch, but yum!

I also baked cookies and took care of as many chores as I could, even though we had Monday off, because I was planning on working all day on Monday regardless. Which I did, and now that it's over I can be happy about it! I drove to the school early on Monday morning and worked on progress reports from 5:45 to 1:45. Since the girls always sleep in on weekends, I felt like that made me miss less time with them. I came home during their nap time (and had a nap myself because my eyes! my brain! I couldn't word!) and then put in another four hours of writing after they went to bed last night. It was kind of awful, but now I don't have progress reports looming over me. And they aren't even due yet! Yay! The only thing I regret is missing a really great basketball game -and Aaron's 75th career win!- last night, but there was no way I could have finished the reports if I had gone, and I needed them to be finished and out of my brain. 

So, I did zero relaxing during this super-long weekend, but I was able to get enough things taken care of that MAYBE I'll be able to relax for a few minutes at some point in the next six weeks!

(But seriously, progress reports, costumes for the entire lower school, Open House, the rest of the District basketball games, Valentine's Day, play-off games, the Circe retreat, Avalon's birthday party, and the lower school play...all in the next month, give or take a few days!)


  1. Your life exhausts me. You're supermom! :)

  2. You accomplished SO MUCH! Oh, it will be so worth it in the coming weeks! And that clown...it needed to stay there. Ew.

  3. Wow! Makes me think that if you can do all of that maybe I should be able to get off my butt today and at least cook one meal (with leftovers) for the rest of the week...


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