New House FAQ

Monday, January 5, 2015

I guess I just... skipped blogging for the entire duration of Christmas break? Oops. It's been probably the least restful "vacation" ever, but beautiful in its own disordered way. I unpacked my books a few days ago and suddenly felt like I could breathe again. Every time I start feeling overwhelmed by how much is left to do, I look over at those bookshelves and feel instantly peaceful and grounded. So now that I have my wits somewhat about me (and an Internet connection, hallelujah!) it is time for a FAQ!

How do you like the new house? Oh my goodness, we LOVE it. So much. The lay-out is perfect for us (which is why we picked it!) and the rooms are a million times bigger than they looked during the building process. The entire place just makes me happy. We're going to be an island in a sea of mud until the houses around us go up, but that's okay. We were so used to living in the middle of Arlington that we've been surprised by how quiet it is out here on the outskirts of everything. And how many more stars we can see at night!

PICTURES! When are you going to post pictures of the house?? Not...just...yet. Parts of the house are getting very close to being unpacked and set up the way we want, but other parts are not and I just want to wait until it's finished. Not like paint this and recover that and sew some of these finished (there are plenty of such projects cropping up in my mind, but they will have to wait!) but at least completely unpacked and arranged finished. Then I'm thinking VIDEO TOUR! But combining two households is not a quick process. It's way more fun than I had imagined it would be, but it's not quick.'re living with your in-laws...? Yes, but see, we all really like each other! We've been planning this for years now, and while I totally get that it's not considered the normal thing to do in this day and age to live with your parents or in-laws ON PURPOSE, it makes so much sense for our family. The grown-up are...still completely outnumbered by the children and teenagers! But less so!

When did you get to actually move in? Ugh, not until December TWENTY-THIRD. That would be, you know, the day before Christmas Eve. It was not ideal, but we threw a Christmas tree in the empty living room and slapped some stockings on the mantle and Christmas happened just the same. ("It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags." NO WAIT, THERE WERE BOXES! And possibly a Christmas-day trip to Albertsons for some delightful pre-made foods because we hadn't thought of groceries and hadn't unpacked our kitchen stuff.)

How are the kids adjusting? The little girls have been so enraptured with the whole new house! new room! Gigi and Grandad are HERE all the time! thing that they've transitioned really smoothly. Lainey had a few moments of sorrow that her toys were packed away and she wanted to play with them, and Avalon had one day where she was just kind of vaguely sad and disoriented. I've felt badly because this has not been the fun, traditional sort of Christmas break with all of the fun, traditional sorts of things we ordinarily would do. There's been a lot of, No, we can't do (insert wildly messy project or game here) until we finish unpacking. Sorry. They are highly excited for school to start up again today! The boys took it a little harder. I think the tangible reason for this is that moving furniture is no fun, and the less tangible reason is that we are supposed to be stability and comfort, not all this chaos and newness.  But we've been working through everything that has reared its head, and I'm proud of my boys! 

 Are you ready to get back to school? Yes, totally! I think I'm supposed to read a book or something to children today. And sit in my comfy old wingback chair, maybe sip some tea. That sounds like a more relaxing day than I've had in a month!


  1. Yay for new houses! I'm not sure which is less fun- packing or unpacking. Either way, so happy you're getting settled :)

  2. So happy for the new house.. Can't wait til you are ready to reveal it to us.

  3. So glad you're all loving; can't wait to see it! :)


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